Monday, 9 June 2014

Product Review – Maybelline Baby Skin Primer

First a little bit of back story ramble hah….
I am kinda of a newbie (well within the last year) when it comes to primers in general. I have normal to dry skin so I never really felt the need for a primer. My make-up tends to wear quite well in general…. Or so I thought at the time. I always felt make-up no matter what the label may claim would always get patchy and need a touch up around the 6 hour mark. The funny thing is since I’ve started trying out primers I don’t think I would look back. I no longer like the feel of make-up on my bare skin. So in the last year I have been trying out primers. I actually haven’t tried high end ones as I wanted to test if they would be any use to my make-up routine before invested and now I can safely say I am now open to the concept of them and I am on the hunt for high end primers. First port of call will probably be benefits porefessional. ( gotta check if all that hype is worth it, of course!! )

So today I’m reviewing Maybelline’s Baby Skin Primer… I’m on my second tube now so I think It is safe to say that I think I can give you guys a fairly well informed review. First of all I like the fact that it is clear.  I also like the consistency. It’s kind of gel like and it has a siliconey texture. It doesn’t sink into the skin and I like that about the product. It kind of just evens out skin texture for make-up application. I think it does give a more flawless finish to the end result of my make-up application. What I think I like the most about this product is that it seems to give my foundation more lasting power. I feel like I have less of a need for touching up. Although I will add I do use setting powder and setting sprays (again the setting spray is another product I discovered in the last year. I actually can’t remember a time without the now and do not know how I survived…crazy). So like I said I do think that the primer helps with make-up longevity but it does have other products helping it. Like I said I have normal-dry skin so I cannot say this product would be a good with oily or combo skin as I simply just don’t know but for me the product does seem to provide what it claims. I have bought a second tube since ive just ran out of it and think if anyone is looking to get into primers and trying them out this would be a good place to start. Its RRP is €11.49 but maybelline is always going on offer on the high-street. Still even at full price it is not overly expensive and in my opinion worth a try.

Let me know if you have tried this product and what your thoughts were?

Do you have any other primers that you could recommend to me in my quest to find the perfect primer, both high-end and high-street?

Thank you for reading


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