Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Product of the week - Maybelline Colour Sensational Range - Midnight Plum

Hello Ladies,

So generally my product of the week series is kind of randomly laid out. They only happen when something really catches my eye. This means that there could be weeks in between each one of these types of posts, but girls let me tell you they are coming in fast and furious these days. It may have something to do with this holiday season we have coming upon us and companies are upping their game or maybe I have just been a little luckier but all the same Im enjoying finding all these new discoveries.

Today I want tell you about my new favourite darker lipstick - Maybellines Midnight Plum. When I spotted it in the shop I honestly dont know what it was but I was just drawn to it. Its not the typical shade I would go for at all! Anyone who knows me well knows Im a nudes girl.... always have been and probably always will be, but something about this colour just grabbed me. Although I have been Branching out and trying to be a bit more colourful about the lipsticks I have been wearing nude is still my comfort zone. 

If Im completely honest I had this lipstick about 3 weeks before I tried it. I was going out for a friends birthday and I tried it on just to see how it would look with the makeup I was wearing that night and Oh. My. God!. I was in love I kept it on for the whole night (which not my original intention) and yes I realise what Im about to say next may sound weird as a "Beauty guru"/Blogger whatever.. but It is the first night that I can ever remember as young adult going out partying and wearing dark lipstick. Crazy huh? spending most of my waking hours doing makeup involved stuff and still at the age of 24 had not managed to leave my comfort zone for a night out. 

Thanks to Maybelline I have taken that step! They have completely opened my eyes and I see more dark lipped nights out in my future. 

For this reason this is definitely my product of the week and my advice to any of you girls who are afraid to get out of your comfort zones then jump! Take the leap! After all... whats the worst that could happen??   

Have you tried this lipstick shade?


Thank You For Reading

Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Perfect Nude!?

Hey Hey

So todays post is about a product which resides in one of my favourite categories - Nude Lipsticks! I have mentioned in previous posts and in videos that I love a good nude (ooh cheeky hah) and this product in particular has been mentioned. However I feel this product deserves a post of its very own as I love it that much!

I am of course talking about the Essence Long Lasting Lipstick in the shade - 11 Nude Love. I have bought 3 of them already! Sadly I lost the first one, I have the one I'm currently using and a back up and I will be buying more. 

I honestly believe this could be my perfect everyday nude lipstick. And you want to know the best part?? Its only €2.79 to buy. Yes that's right for €2.79 I can have what I believe are the perfect nude lips for me. How lucky is that!? 

I love Essence as a brand anyway. They have proved to me time and time again that although they are inexpensive the quality of their products is just as good as their more expensive counterparts. And now they have pulled it out of the bag again with this perfect nude lipstick. Let me tell you as a nude enthusiast (oops did it again hah) its getting harder and harder to impress me when it comes to nude lipsticks. so imagine my surprise when I tried this baby for the first time.

What I like about this shade is that its not too light and not too dark it just seems to fall perfectly in the center and if I'm honest I have probably used this lipstick almost everyday since I picked it up. So this is definitely a tried and tested review. I hate using this word as I think its over used and holds so much meaning but it may be a holy grail Item for me.....  

I would just like to add as a side note that I love this range as a whole anyway. I think I own like 12 of the shades now so if nude is just not your thing....  then we cant be friends..... just joking but you can check out the other shades as I'm sure there will be one if not more that you will absolutely fall in love with!               

In conclusion I will never stop trying out nude lipsticks, It just one of the little things in life that makes me happy but this actually may be the perfect nude!!

Have you tried this lipstick??

What did you think??


Thank you for Reading

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Product of the week - Ardell Demi Wispies

Hello Ladies,

This is a product I have only discovered in the last month (with my bestie aoife aka and Im in LOVE LOVE LOVE. I think its the first time I have purchased the same lashes 3 times. I will point out that they are reusable but I tend to lose them.... *sadface*

The lashes look natural but add an extra something something.... a bit of flare... drama. The band is so thin and easy to hide. Another bonus of this little product is that when you have them on you dont even feel like you are wearing them. I hate when you put on lashes and they look great but you know you are wearing for the entire time. Then you have that horrible choice of taking them off as you know they will annoy you or just manning up and dealing with it because you know they look good... well ladies there is none of that with these lashes.

Beautiful, natural, confortable and adds drama to any look..... what more could you what!?

Definate thumbs up from this beauty blogger!!

Let me know what you think of you decide to give these a go!!

Have you already tried them!? What did you think!?    

Thank you for reading 

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Review - Collection Lasting Perfection concealler

Hello Everyone,

So I have been missing for a while but I think I'm back on track on with lots more posts and videos coming your way!

I thought I would just do a little review of a product that has been really impressing me lately. 

As you may have already guessed it is the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer! I'm pretty sure everyone and their mother has heard about this, but just in case someone has missed out on the hype or avoided it due to the price or packaging then I have here to put all you fears to rest. I have been using this product for about 6 months now... maybe a bit longer. It was originally based on the recommendations of Tanya Burr and Tati. I have to say I find that in the past month I have been reaching for it everyday. 

I use it as a highlighting concealer but they do have colours to match to your skin tone if you want it for actual concealing. 

Smooth, Creamy, Blendable, light-reflecting (without sparkles or shininess), natural looking
And the price is on point at 6.49 (on average)

What more could you want?? 

Ladies do not be put off by the price/packaging it really is worth every cent and more. 

Have you tried it?? 

What did you think??