Wednesday, 11 June 2014

My Current Everyday Make-up Look !!

Hey girlies,
Today I thought I would share with everyone my current everyday make-up look. It may seem like a lot of make-up to some people but it is actually quite simple and takes me between 10-20 mins to complete. I’ve really been liking to keep everything quite neutral but still making it kinda bronzey (I think to be honest I keep making up words but you guys get the drift) and dewey for  this summer season we are having… even if the weather does not seem to realise that it is in fact June yet. We actually had pretty strong stormy weather the past couple of nights here in Ireland.  Although I must say the sun has made and appearance today so I am very thankful for that. Still even if Mother Nature is being temperamental that does not mean that we still can’t have a bit of shimmer in our lives, does it?? 

So if you want to know how to create this look and also have a bit shimmer in your day then all you have to do is keep reading. Also just to add a little side note this look is totally customisable (as with all looks I will post past and future. This is just how I like to do mine everyday at the moment)

To create my everyday make-up look –
  • I primed my face (Maybelline Baby Skin Primer)

  • I applied my foundation/ BB Cream (17 BB Blemish Balm)

  • I applied my concealer in the shape of 2 Vs under the eyes and dotted it on my chin and forehead. I then blended this out into my base. I use this to cover dark circles and as a highlighter for the centre of my face.

  • Next I move on to the eyes to give the cream products on my face enough time to sink in in and set on the skin. I apply a copper coloured eyeshadow all over the lid (Catrice – Fancy a coppa)

  • I use Liquid eyeliner on my top lash line, winging it out at the outer edges (Essence 24hr Liner – Black)

  • Next I apply translucent powder to the centre of my face, where I applied the concealer earlier (Catrice Prime & Fine Translucent loose powder).

  • I move on to contouring. I apply this under the cheekbones, on the temples and jawline and neck (Catrice Sun Glow Matt Bronzing Powder).

  • Then I went back to the eyes. I tight line the upper and lower waterlines with black eyeliner pencil (Avon – Colourtrend – Black). I line halfway from the middle of the eye to the outer edge of the lower lashline with a copper eyeliner pencil (Barry M).  I then take that same shadow that I used earlier and apply it from the inner corner and blend it across the lower lasline.

  • Next I curl my lashes and apply my first mascara (Catrice – Lases to Kill, Ultra Black, Volume Mascara).

  • And on to the eyebrows. For this I use powder. I have used pencil in the past but I prefer powder now to define and fill them in (Catrice – Eyebrow set).

  • On the lips I usually use both lipstick and lipgloss but if I had to choose one it would be lipstick. I am not really a lipgloss only kind of girl but I have yet to try liquid lipsticks! Anyway at the moment I have been using (Maybelline – Sultry Sand from their new nudes’ collection & Barry M lipgloss – 12) Love this combo.

  • Next my first coat of mascara has set so I curl them again and go back in with my second mascara that I use (Catrice – Lashes to Kill – Fibre Lash mascara)

  • And finally I set my face using my Urban Decay – All Nighter finishing spray

From doing this post I actually realised how much Catrice products I have been using recently. I might do a brand review for you guys.

Tell me what your current routine has been for these spring/summer months

Thank you for reading

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