Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Whats New in Catrice??

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So today I thought I would do a post all about the recent (as in the last month) products I picked up from Catrice. 
As I have mentioned previously in one of my videos not so long ago Catrice discontinued some of their products. This was to make room for new ones and over the last couple of months I have picked up a few of them. This is not going to be a review or go into much detail about each specific product. This more of a show and tell kind of post. Reviews will come later.


I love Catrice as a brand as whole anyway. Its very affordable for good quailty products! Another cool fact is that they dont test on animals! I may do a brand overview in the New Year for you.

3 in 1 Colour Care Correct, Skin Tone Adapting Make Up

woah long name. As soon as I tried the tester product in the store it reminded me of the Loreal Nude Magique BB cream. and it works along the same principal. When you squeeze it out of the tube it is white. Then when you use your fingers to rub it in it changes colour to a foundation like colour and it is supposed to adapt to your skin tone. The product contains beads of colour pigment which are broken when blended into the skin. I have only tried it once and I liked it but I found the colour to be off on me. To be fair I picked up the medium one when I should have probably picked up the light one. I need to try it out more to give it a full review but I have to say at this early stage and on first Impressions I do prefer the Loreal one.

Lash Boast, Lash Extension Fibres

My favourite Mascara from Catrice cosmetics is the Lashes to Kill with Lash Fibres so when I saw this I thought what if I could get the same effect with any mascara?? I actually havent tried it yet but there will be a review shortly, so keep posted! It says you are supposed to apply your regular mascara, apply the Lash Boast and then reapply your mascara. Im excited!

Ultimate Lash Multimizer

As I have said previously my favourite mascara is the Lashes to Kill one but I thought I would try something new and on the side of the packaging there was a picture of the brush and it looked huge so I picked it up! I was right look above for this bad boy! Ive use it once and I wasnt amazed by it but like I said with most of these products I will need more time to give any of them a proper review.


Here I picked up too of the Limited Edition Shadows in C01 - Metalight and C03 - Metallicious.

One of my favourite shadows that was being discontinued 630 - Fancy A Coppa Tea?

Finally one of the Liquid Metal shadows in 080 - Mauves like Jagger



Limited Edition Metallure Lip Colour in C01 - Metalight

First off I love the packaging!! and I thought this colour was perfect for Autumn / Winter with just enough sparkle for Christmas! 

Nail Varnishes

First I picked up these  Million Brilliance Luxury Laquers. I love a bit of Sparkle and I thought they were perfect for this festive season!! From left to right - 06  Bronze Upon a Time , 07 - Stars & Stories , 04 - Lost N Roses. 

I also picked up a Limited Edition Metallure Nail Varnish in C03 - Metalight

Ultimate Nail Laquer 62 - Must Have STEELetto

Extreme Gel Shine - Gel Like Top Coat

And Finally picked up Ombre Top Coat 01 - Colour of Change.
This product is one I'm really excited about! I haven't seen anything like it before in the drugstore / highstreet. You apply a light colour nail varnish and then apply this top coat and it will change the shade one shade darker. So on the 1st nail no top coat , 2nd nail one layer of top coat , 3rd nail two layers , 4th nail three layers and 5th nail four layers. Seems like alot but hopefully it will work out.


So thats it! all my newest products in my Catrice collection. As I have said previously there will reviews and updates coming up soon on all these products.

Have you tried any products? What did you think?


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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

November Favourites!!

Hello Everyone!

I know Im a little late this month but it NOVEMBER FAVOURITES TIME! I think Its just because December & Christmas has seemed to come around so fast this year!! 2014 has just flew.... but thats a whole other blog post... For now Im just going to focus on the products that have were making me happy in November. Ill start off with beauty of course!    

Ardell Demi Wispies

I have always been a lover of eyelashes but at the moment I cant find any that compare to these!! I am completely in love. They have already been a product of the week on my blog! So if you want a more in depth review and reasons to why I love this product (and also to see them in action!) just click here - Link

Maybelline - Forever Strong Super Stay 7 days Gel Nail Colour - Devine Wine

I have fallen in love with this colour for the Autumn / Winter season. Its hard to describe. Its a wine, pinky, raspberry, red colour!! Just perfect for this time of year!      

Revlon ColourStay 24hr Foundation

I picked up this foundation about 3 weeks ago as I needed a new one and rather than repurchase my old faithful (Loreal True Match) I decided to try out something new. This foundation has recieved so many glowing reviews internationally that I thought "Lets give it a go" and the hype and reviews are correct. I love it and I will be posting a full review shortly! 

Essence Long Lasting Lipstick - 11 Nude Love

I have already done a full post / review on how much I love this lipstick so if you would like to check that out please click here - Link

Maybelline Colour Sensational Range - Midnight Plum

This was another product featured on my blog as a product of the week!! Again you can see a more in-depth review just by clicking here! - Link

Balmi Lip Balm

I rearly rave too much about lip balms but heres one! I love this lip balm! I have never tried the Eos so I cant compare but if your looking for a good lip balm I recommend you try out this one!!

Butterfly Clips

Any girl who has long hair knows what a god send these can be! I use them on a daily basis around the house , when doing treatments on my hair or just generally keeping the hair from my face! The only thing I will say is that puzzlingly #newword they seem to go missing all the time!? how is that possible!? Its like hair clips you buy like 200 of them and they all go missing in 2 weeks!? I picked up these ones in Pennys / Primark for 2 euro!!


Or to be honest anything in the Oreo family! I have been an Oreo / J-O addict this past month!! Cant get enough of them!!

So they were my November Favourites (better late than never!) Im sure I will have loads more this month! what with it being christmas and all!!

What were your favourites for November!!?
Have you tried any of the products I have mentioned?? What did you think??

Happy Holidays!!

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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Kylie Jenner Lip on a Budget!

Hey Hey,

Last week I decided to post this photo on Twitter of a Kylie Jenner Lip I recreated when I was going out to visit friends. That is what prompted me to write this little post. Kylie Jenners Lip have been taking over the Media (both social and mainstream). Everyone seems have an obsession with that pout... To be honest I cant say I havent got a bit caught up myself.

The Beauty world has been trying to recrate her lipstick looks for months now and trying to find which colours she is using and I myself have decided to have a go. Now I absoutely adore MAC as a brand in general but I decided to try this lip on a budget. What do you think??    

The Lip I was recreating was the matt brown / dark nude, not the Red / Berry one (which I also love).

This Lip was recreated with Lipstick - Oh So Matt and the Lip liner - both from  Essence Cosmetics

Essence Long Lasting Lipstick - 15 Oh So Matt

Essence Lipliner - 06 Satin Mauve 


Love the Kylie Jenner look!
Will definitely be trying the red / berry look soon!! 

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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Beauty Hangover Survival Kit - Part #2 (Make-up)

Hello Everyone

Welcome back for my 2nd part to my Beauty Hangover Survival Kit. Okay so we are Officially in the Christmas / Party season and as Ive said in my previous post I have come up with a set of tactics to help me survive the day after a big night out. 
In Part #1 I talked about skincare and the routine I use to help my skin recover. This is all based on the premise that I have the following day off to relax and recover. 
In this post I will be talking about those terrible days where you have no option but to get up , put on your face and take on the world when everything inside of you is screaming at you to crawl back underneath your bed sheets!! 

*Again disclaimer - I am in noway encouraging the consumption of alcohol or intoxication but as I have said previously it happens and I am just here to help with tips for recovery. #beautyfairygodmother

Okay so we have been out the night before, had so much fun and now it is the next morning.. Must get to that meeting/class/work/appointment.......Must not look like death.....Must look like normal functioning human being......

Non-Beauty Related Recovery

Water - Very Important to keep hydrated!!

Painkillers - If necessary. Asprin should do the trick

Energy - I would usually go for Lucozade (sport or regular) and / or Juice

Eat Something - may not always be possible but try something small like a banana or breakfast bar                                 (something healthy if possible) 

*If you are getting headaches or feeling anxious I find staying away from caffeine to be the best option   

*Disclaimer 2 - I am not a doctor, expert or professional. This is my opinion alone and this is what works for me. 

Beauty Related Recovery

First off unless absolutely necessary make the process easy for yourself. What I mean by this is no complicated cat flicks unless you can do them in your sleep! 

Take off last nights make-up. More then likely we forgot to do this the night before so we have to remove it now. If I have time, energy and physical ability I will try to do it properly but if not I have been known to use facial wipes. I am in noway recommending these for everyday use alone but every now and then they come in handy and I always have a pack close by. I like the ones by the brands Pure.

Primer. Long night or not I now have to always use a primer. My skin is now already dry and probably not in the best shape so Im going to give it and my make-up a helping hand. This will help my base go on smoother and put a barrier between it and my skin. For this I am currently using Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser. I have already done a full Review of this. Check it out here - Link        

Put your base in place. For this I would recommend something light and that will make you look more awake. I recommend the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation. This foundation has been included in my blog post and YouTube video on my Top 5 Drugstore/Highstreet Foundations. Check it out here - Link

Conceal, Conceal, Conceal. Dark circle, redness?? All normal after a night out! but that doesnt mean we want to show everyone. I like a highlighting concealer to make me look more awake. There are a lot on the market that I love but my current favourite is the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. I have recently done a review. Check it out here - Link      

For eyeshadow I would go easy. I would muti task my bronzer and just use it in the crease to create some definition.

Eyebrows are a girls best friend! Eyebrows automatically make you look more put together so do not forget them! I like to use the Catrice Eyebrow Set for this as I prefer powder to pencil, but I would always be interested in trying more out.

Mascara / Eyeliner. Again this will Immediately open your eyes. Eyeliner is not necessary but I rarely go a day without it so it depends on my energy level.   

Contour. I always contour. I'm a little bit of an addict. I just feel it is kind of essential to me and the Bronzer I am still loving is the Catrice Sun Glow Matt Bronzing Powder.

Blush. A little bit of blush will make you instantly look healthier and the one I like at the moment is Sleek Cosmetics - Suede. 

Finally Lipstick or gloss. As Im a nudes girl I would probably go nude. If you want to know my current favour just check out my recent blog post here - Link But I do think a pop of colour #overused really does make you look instantly more awake and put together! So you go for it girl! 



  • Primer
  • Base
  • Concealer
  • Eyeshadow
  • Eyebrows
  • Mascara/Eyeliner
  • Contour
  • Blush 
  • Lipstick

It seems like a lot but some are not necessary and products can be multi tasked however after you will look much more presentable to the world and now you have one less thing to worry about when trying to go about your day.

I hope this was helpful!!

Have you Checked out my Previous Post ??
Beauty Hangover Survival Kit - Part #1 (Skin Care) - Link

Whats in your Survival kit? 

Happy Holidays!!

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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Beauty Hangover Survival Kit - Part #1 (Skin Care)

Hello my darlings,

So as we all know not only is this season known for eating your entire body weight in a short period of time but also it is the PARTY season. This means recovery tactics need to be put in place immediately! I have come up my tactics (from a beauty point of view) for 2 different senarios.

Part #1 that wonderful time when you have the next day off to die alone within close proximity to a toilet.....

Part #2 when you have absolutely no option but to get up and pretend to look and act like a normal functioning human being who has not given their liver the what for the night before.

* I would like to add as a disclaimer that I am in noway encouraging alcohol consumption or intoxication but lets be real it happens so instead I am going to try and be your little fairy god mother and help you through this difficult time. #puttingoutfireseverywhere

Today we are going to be focusing on senario #1

There is no better feeling that to know you have an entire 24 hours to recover from a good night out. Anyone who has spent anytime in college or who has had to work the next day will know this feeling very well. From spending 4 years in college and working in the Hospitality Industry I have had to devise a set of tactics in order to survive the next day.

Non - beauty related Survival  

When you have no commitments the next day there is not much to think about. Water, Painkillers, couch, blanket, Tv, Phone (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) & number of the local take-away, (that delivers!)

Beauty Related   

Now I know when you wake up the last thing you are thinking about is skincare but once you have managed to open your eyes and "the fear" has passed , you will probably realise that you never took off your make-up before falling into bed the night before?? Am I right?? Yes we all do it but as we get older our skin takes longer and longer to recover so aim to to do this as little as possible.

The day after a night out I like to do proper clease and moisturise (When I have my motor skills working again of course).

The most important thing to remember is RE-HYDRATE. Alcohol is de-hydrating, now mix this in with a full face of make-up, sweating (dancing) and bad air quality and your skin really didn't have as much fun as you did the night before.  

This is my routine

Remove all that eye make-up and lash glue. These days I have been using Garnier Express 2 in 1 Eye Make-up Remover. I have been really liking it and will be having a full review of it up very soon.

Remove the rest of your face. For this I have been using Garnier Micellar Cleansing water. I have already done a full review. If you would like to check it out just click on the link here - Link

Exfoliate if needed. If your have dry skin you may need to light exfoliate any dry patches. If possible I would leave this until the next day as you skin is already sensitive enough on a hangover. We are trying to repair not aggravate. For this I have been using Boots Essentials Facial Scrub. Its gentle but gets the job done!  

Cleanse Your face. I'm always switch up my cleansers but at the moment I am using the DermaV10 Q10  Innovations Deep Cleansing Milk. A review of this will also be coming soon.

Use a toner. This is what restores the PH balance of your skin from all that cleansing. The one I am currently using for this job is Tesco Refreshing Toner with cucumber extract.  

Apply an Eye Cream. The one I am using at the moment is the Boots Essentials Cucumber Eye Gel. I like it as it is cooling and hydrating at the same time.

Add a Serum. The one I am currently using and really enjoying is the Lacura Aqua Complete Multi Intensive Serum .

Apply an Oil. The one I am loving at the moment  is The Argan Oil Night Serum. I love the smell and it absorbs quickly.

Next a deeply moisturising night cream. The one I have been using at the moment is the DermaV10 Night Cream.

Finally add a nourising lip balm - Loving Balmi at the mo.

And Also a hand cream - Im using Vaseline Healthy Hands + Stronger Nails. 

* you could also add a mask in here if you felt like going all out. but a guarantee your skin will be grateful enough as it is.  

I promise you after that and the next morning you will feel like you old self again and you will be thankful in later years that you made an effort to look after your skin!!

If you want to check out Part #2 just click here - Link 

Have you got any holy grail products you like to use on a hangover??

Happy Holidays!!

Thank You For Reading