Monday, 29 February 2016

Makeup Products that I am Currently loving!! || Bonus Leap Day Post!

Hello Everyone!!

Today is Leap Day!! I thought as we get an extra day in the year why give you guys an extra post too!? I usually post Beauty Posts on Tuesday & Friday but to I thought I would give you an extra Leap Day Bonus Post!! 

I thought I would share with you all the products I have been loving at the moment! These are all very affordable & widely available products too! 

Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer (Shade 010 Ivory)

I love, love, love concealer!! I go through it so quickly too! Its an item always have to have in makeup bag, with out fail! I am blessed with skin that isn't too troublesome, however I love a good contour & highlight... the more Kim K the better as far as Im concerned without entering into that drag queen area. I picked this up as it was on offer & I just wanted to try something new & I have to say I love it! This is now my second tube of it. I get it in a lighter shade as I use it only for highlighting purposes but it s really smooth, pigmented & easy to blend. The tube has a little brush top, which to be honest doesn't have that much of a purpose as far as Im concerned. I mean sure, I know the thought behind was to probably make it easier to apply, without the aid of brushes but personally I would never put on a highlighting concealer without the help of my trusty brushes or blending sponge. However the product itself is fantastic & well worth a purchase!

Essence Mutli-Action Volume Mascara

You might remember a while back I mentioned I was on the hunt for a holy grail Mascara but with no luck. Then I picked up this guy & so far it is the best of the bunch for me. (I will admit I am quite lazy on my hunt though so there are so many more to try!) However I love this product. This is also my second tube of it. The formula is not too wet. It seems to lengthen & define for me while also giving me volume! The wand is plastic (which I actually prefer) & tapered, which I think helps to give you more definition. Love it!!


NYX Blush (Shade - Taupe)

Oh how long it took me to get my hands on this! For weeks upon weeks everytime I went to any NYX stand this was ALWAYS sold out!! Which of course just made me want it more because it was clearly good if it was this popular (Ah logic & reason.... you never let me down!) Finally however my day had come! & I have used it ever since. Thank god there is so much product in blushes as I dont know if id ever be able to get it again! I love this as a contour! Its the perfect ashy shade to create that shadow you are looking for & give you that Kardashian bone structure! I assure you this product will have you looking Armenian in no time!!

Natural Collection Eyeshadow - (Shade - Asteriod)

The reason I originally picked this up was actually after watching a video created by the YouTuber Amelia Liana. It was a dupes video where she compared these shadow shades to MAC. This one was a dupe for mulch & the shade Chocolate was a dupe for Cork. Anyway I love these shades & the shadows themselves are lovely. Only drawback would be a small be of fallout but other than that they are beautifully pigmented & easy to blend!

Natural Collection Blush - (Shade - Peach Melba)    

I just picked this up on a whim more than anything else. I was browsing in Boots & I came across this. I had been looking for a new blush but I wanted something that was a bearly there kind of blush. One that looked really natural, as if you werent wearing any at all. I thought what the hell... lets give it a go. Im glad I did! It was exactly what I was looking for. A very natural, bearly there kind of blush! It is still has good pigmentation, can be slightly powdery but one tap of your brush & its sorted!! 


Might seem like a weird product to add in but to be honest I owe them my lips this month. Due to illness my skin & lips got extremely dry! In the past, in my teen years I would always use Carmex religiously but as I got into my Beauty Blogging I began to try more things out and forgot all about Carmex. I was looking for something good & reliable so I picked this up & I am so glad I did!! It has literally saved my lips! It has definately been my hero product of the month!!


There you have it! These are the products that have been making me happy lately!

Have you tried any of these products!?
What were your thoughts on them?
Tell me your stand-out product for the past month or so!! I am always on the hunt for new products to try!!

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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Review - P.S. Love.. Eyelashes

Hello There!

& Welcome back to my last P.S. Love... Review (This month! Dont worry not forever haha!) 

Earlier this month I posted a review on the P.S. Love... Eyebrow kit! (click here to read if you havent already! P.S. Love... Eyebrow Kit!) & I mentioned I was  so impressed with Primark/Pennys & their P.S. Love... range that I was going to dedicate all my reviews for the rest this month (Every Friday!) to this range. My Last review was on the Makeup brush range (again you can click here to check them out! Review - P.S. Love... Makeup Brushes)

As you can tell from the title I have decided that my final review of the month is going to be on their Eyelashes! Individual Eyelashes to be more precise! 

I always loved the concept of Individual lashes but never bothered to pick them up as they can usually be quite expensive for lashes you are not quite sure of. However when I saw these released (again i think it was before Christmas, So I think it was maybe Autumn/Winter season time) I couldn't resist! E1.50! Bargain!

I can now reveal I LOVE individual lashes!! They give you so much freedom. While yes on the one hand they do take more time & dedication in application than strip-lashes, you have so much more control over the look you are trying to create!! 

The pack contains 30 individual lashes but each "bunch" (for lack of a better word) have 3 little "bunches" (again someone please give me a word!) of lashes. This means they take less time to apply than brands that only give you the ones with one "bunch" (am I making any sense #bloggerproblems) They come in different lengths too. The first two rows are a medium length & the bottom two rows are long length lashes. It also contains glue aswell. I am going to have to admit something here though. Here it goes.... I have never used the glue *slap on wrist* bad beauty blogger. I always use my Duo Glue in Black so I have no need for the glue... sorry but Im sure if the quality of almost any other product they have released is anything to go by I have no doubt it does the job perfectly!

I would 100% Recommend these to anyone looking to branch out with Eyelashes! Why not give them a go and see how many looks you can create!. These will give you any look from natural & fluttery to Eyelash Fierce! & everything in between!

Once again #respect Primark/Pennys! You have consistantly brought out products where the quality deserves twice (& in most cases more) than price tag it carries ..... not that Im complaining!! haha

Have you tried these out yet??

what did you think??

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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Whats New in Essence - Essence Haul!

Hello Everyone!

Today I have a haul for you guys. This is kind of an impromptu post. As many of you will already know if you follow my Twitter (Click here to add me & say hi!! Beauty_La_Linda - Twitter) I am moving shortly. I have been at home now since September, which is longer than I originally intended but the time is soon coming for the 25 year old baby to fly the nest once again.... *sadface...

However what you wont know is that where I am moving to, while I have a house & a Job set up, is kinda remote (as in back a*se of nowhere) which means I have a lot of buying of things in bulk i.e beauty related things. The nearest proper town for shopping is over an hour away... & as I dont drive (bain of my life) I will be unable to get things I need quickly & easily. Honestly I feel like Im packing to move into the jungle or desert or something.. its crazy! I am a city girl, I like things to be at my convenience & for things to be available pretty much 24/7.... (I case you wondering Ive checked the WiFi situation & we are good!) 

Anyway while I was out picking stuff up I came across an Essence stand & they had a load of new items on display, so naturally I just had to pick some up to try out... right!? Makes sense to me! (P.s. you can probably expect some more hauls soon with all the things I have to pick up in preparation of the move)

Wana take a look at what I got?? 

Mosaic Blushes


These just looked SO Pretty! I couldn't possibly leave them there! Good thing I needed new blushes *winkyemoji*  I got the colours (From left - right) 30. Kissed by the Sun & 10. Miss Floral Coral! Can wait to give these bad boys a go!!

Prettifying Lip Oil

I have not tried this yet but I love the concept of it. I have not seen any other drugstore/highstreet makeup brand bring out a lip oil (let me know in the comments if Im wrong but I dont remember ever seeing one). I know that Clarins have one, but I would exactly call that highstreet & I have yet to try it even though I have seen some great reviews!  They have 3 different colours available, one pink & one red. I chose this one because I dont like when my lips are too pigmented looking naturally. I dont know why, I have just always been that way with my lips. Plus I thought I might use this as a night oil lip thingy if it was good. I got the shade 01. I care for you, honey. I will keep you updated!!

Glossy Stick

These are also a new item. Funny story about this... I meant to pick up a matt one, as they have matt sticks too. Oh well. They have many different shades The one I picked up is 02 Clear Nude as I have yet to get out of this "Kylie Jenner" brown nude love affair! I will be back to pick up the Matt version of it. I am much more of a matt girl!

Long lasting Lipsticks


They have new shades!!! I love this formula so much (I mean you have heard me rave on & on about it in the past year!) Now unfortunately I was not the first one to find this stand... even though it was like 10am... clearly the stand had been there a couple of days, so most of the shades were gone but I picked up this divine shade called 21. Tres Chic Once again I will be back to pick up more. They also had new lipglosses & new lipsticks called Velvet Matts but again the shades I wanted were all gone!!

The Gel - Nail Polish

Now if you know me by now then you know I can never resist their nail polish range! Their colours are so amazing! Speaking of which I dont think my camera is doing them justice! I got them in the shades 47 Va-Va-Voom Which is a beautiful coral but is showing up much more orange in the photo & 38. Love is in the Air which is much more of a baby pastel yellow in real life! If you like nail varnish at all you should really check out the Essence stand!! So much choice!

Long Lasting Eye Pencil

Now Im not sure if this is new but I dont think Ive ever tried it before so I said Id give it a go!! I  got the shade 01. Black Fever .

& Thats all folks! I will be sure to get back to you & let you know how I got on!! 

Have you tried any of these yet!? 
What did you think?? 
Do you have other products you would recommend for me to try out!?  
Leave me know in the comments what you favourite Essence product is!!

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Sunday, 21 February 2016

Review - P.S. Love... Makeup Brushes

Hello There my Beauties,

First of all I would like to apologise for the lateness of this post, been struck down with flu this week so unfortunately I was unable to get this up on a Friday as I usually would. Please forgive me.

In my previous review post (usually published every friday) I reviewed the P.S. Love.. Eyebrow Kit ( You can check out my review by clicking the link Review P.S.Love.. Eyebrow Kit...) & I mentioned that I had made the decision that for the rest of the month of February I was going to dedicate all my review posts to the Pennys/Primark P.S. Love... range.

Today I want to focus on the P.S.Love... makeup brush collection they brought in just before Christmas 2015. I remember seeing hype about them on Twitter & Instagram and I am sure by now, 3/4 months later most of you lucky people have gotten your hands on them, but for those of you who have yet to pick them up or are just generally undecided here are my thoughts on them. 

My favourite brushes to use are generally, Real Techiques for face and MAC & (believe it or not) Essence for eyes but I am always on the hunt for new & affordable make up brushes!! When I saw people talking about these I just HAD to try them!! They are all in the price range or 1.50 - 3 Euro! Once again you cant beat a price like that!! 

General Overview

There are many different Varieties available. They have the same look and feel to them as the Real Techniques brush range but are much lighter & obviously of a lower quality. They are densely packed brushes & super soft! Here are the different types of brushes that they carry in my local Primark/Pennys (It might be the whole range, Im actually not sure) 


Kabuki Brush

This is one I dont use that often, mostly I just use it for blending at the end so there are no harsh lines. It is a dense brush & I love how soft it feels on my skin!!

Stippling brush

I have been using this brush ever since I got it!! I use it almost everyday for blending in my highlighting concealer! I love it! As its dual ended with different size stippling brushes I find it really easy to blend that concealer!!

Powder & Blush Brush

I have 2 of these brushes & one of them I use for blush & the other I use for bronzer. I know I could use one side for one & one side for the other but I like having the option of both sides for each product. Although it is really soft it blends the product really well!!

Contour Brush

I actually really like this brush for contour. So often I find that brushes that are designed for contour by companies are too big or just dont sit on my face right, this however I found to be perfect for its intended purpose! Thumbs up!!


Lip brush 

I really like this brush & I really like the packaging!! The only reason I dont use it that much is because I dont really wear many lippies that require a brush.... well I havent in the past couple of months anyway, this might change in the summer time when the sun decides to come out & great us again!!

Overall I think they are great brushes of fantastic quality for such a low price. I would recommend them for anyone with any level of makeup experiance but in particular I would recommend them for people who are either just starting out with makeup and want good brushes to start out with, have a low budget or dont like spending alot money on makeup or finally if you are like me & you love makeup & trying out new things. You wont be disappointed & for E3 if you are... who cares?? It wont cost you much to find out & I doubt you will be crying over E3. 

Once again I am super impressed with P.S. Love range & the quality of the products they have been releasing in the past couple of months. Tune in next week for another P.S. Love... range review!!

If you pick them up leave me a comment & let me know how you got on?

Chat soon x

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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Shop my Stash! Part #3 || What I intend on using up!

Hello beautiful people, 

Now a couple of months back I did a Shop my Stash series. This is where I did a massive clean out of all my make up. I did this in 3 parts ( You can read the first 2 by clicking on the links here Shop my Stash part #1 || What I am throwing away || Fail Products ~&~ Shop my Stash #2 || What I am throwing away || Mini Reviews )

Today is part 3 & Im not going to lie this post is coming to you way later than I intended it to. I guess it just got lost & looked over in the past couple of months for some reason or other. Anyway I am here today to tell you all about the rediscovered items with my intention of using up until the very last drop!!

Urban Decay - All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray

I picked this baby up after I was on serious Nicole Guerrero kick on YouTube haha. I know this isnt the one she uses as we have different skin types but as she & and so many other beauty bloggers & Youtubers have raved about this product I just had to pick one up and try it for myself!! Sometimes you just have to try things out to see what all the hype is about. I generally save it for nights out or heavy duty work when we actually get hot weather in the summer as my primer is usually strong enough to keep all that makeup in place but lately I have seemed to forget it exists altogether. Whats the point in paying for an expensive good quality product & never use it??


Maybelline Colour Tatoo Eyeshadows

I loved these so much when I got them & I raved & raved about them on here, then put them in a drawer & forgot all about them #beautyhoarderproblems Anyway these are products I definitely intend on using up!! I have the shade Pink Gold and On & On Bronze! They are creamy, blendable, amazing pigment & staying power, easy to use & have a fantastic price tag! What more could you want!!? (to be honest I want to pick up more!!!) 


Essence Lip Pencils

Im sure I have mentioned these before! I love the lip pencils from the Essence range! I have so many colours! The ones here that I picked to use more are Nude & Honey Berry. They have such a fantastic range of colours. They are creamy & smooth & dont drag on the lips at all or dry them out! If you are looking for good quality lip pencils at the right price, look no further! Essence has you covered!!

Eyeliner Pencils

These are 3 eyeliner pencils that I love and intend on finishing up! Two are from Essence (one of my favourite brands for eyeliners also) & one is from Barry M. The ones I have picked out from essence are (the one on the top) Essence long lasting eyeliner in Bling Bling & (second from the top) Kajal Pencil in Teddy. The one I picked out from Barry M is one Im sure you have heard me talk about in the past. It is a copper toned eyeliner No. 29 (Ive said it before & Ill say it again Barry M need to have names for their products instead of numbers. The names are half the fun!) I love all these liners but have been on a serious black eyeliner kick the past few months, but I intend on branching out again soon!! 

Assortment of random eyeshadows I want to get more use out of -

Okay so I have realised that I have built up quite the collection of single eyeshadows yet never use them! I dont know how it happens!! It just seems to creep up on ya! Anyway the brands Ive picked from are 3 very affordable brands.

Starting from top, left to right - Essence~Keep Calm & Berry on, Catrice~ Limited Edition Metallure Metallic Marbled Eye Shadow C03~Metallicious, Natural Collection~Asteroid, Catrice~Fancy A Coppa Tea, Essence Irresistible Caramel Cream, Essence~Frosted Apple, Catrice~ Limited Edition Metallure Metallic Marbled Eye Shadow C01~Metalight, Catrice~Dont Touch my Mosserati, Essence~Fox in the Box & Finally Essence~Chocolate Jewelery! 

I dont actually believe I will make it through all of these but I definitely want to give it a shot & get more creative with my makeup!! Ill keep you up-dated on how I get on!! 

Thats the end of me cleaning up my make up drawers, for a little while anyway! Im sure I will have more #Shopmystash posts in the coming months!

Have you tried any of these products!? What did you think?
have you had a make up clear out recently let me know in the comments what products you intend on using up or leave me links if you too have done a post of this kind??

Chat soon x

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Friday, 12 February 2016

Review || P.S. Love... Eyebrow Kit

Hello Everyone!

So is it just me or have Pennys/Primark been killing it in the past couple of months with their P.S. Love.. beauty range. So much so I have many reviews coming up on their range. In fact I have decided that the rest of the reviews for this month (all of which will be posted on a friday) will be the P.S. range!! So stay tuned!!   I mean for the price I just feel they have really upped their game! I love a good bargin as much as the next person but I always feel there is no point in getting something just because its cheap, for me it still has be worth its inexpensive price tag. 

Recently I decided to pick up this P.S Love... Brow Kit. It includes 2 different powder shades, Tinted wax, brush & tweezers. I first liked the look of it as it as the shades looked cooler than ones you usually find on the highstreet / Drugstore. As a brunette I know there tend to be more shades available than for blondes but I find most companies tend to lean towards the warmer side of the spectrm and then straight up black is just too harsh for my complexion and dark for my hair. This product is a little warmer than my other favourite which is the Catrice one but not much and also it cost me 2.50 euro ... hello bargin.

What I like about this product

I find the darker shade perfect for me! I have also found that the middle shade works perfect as a contour for me! I had a sneaky suspicion when I spotted it in the store and I was right! So I got two products in one! I will say however if you decide to try it as a contour that I have quite a light skin tone and complexion so if you are much darker than me it might not work out as well.  


The powder is quite.. powdery, tends to be a bit of fall out so make sure you tap out any excess before application otherwise your perfect eyeshadow could be destroyed!! also the tools they include.. lets be real you are probably never going to use them. I mean the tweezers is ok but I dont think you will ever use the brush. I think they would be better off putting the money that they use into providing the tools, into their packaging instead. The packaging is basic but at that price I couldnt careless.

So yes the outer look of the product is basic at best wont be winning any awards for it anytime soon but the product itself is really good. I have been using it for the past month and apart from the powdery fall out that can happened if not tapped out Ive have no issue whatsoever. In fact I have been using to contour all month too so Thumbs up for this little product!!

Have you tried this product?
What are your thoughts?

Have you seen my Previous Post? Review - Loreal Elvive Extraordinary Hair Oil

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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Review - Loreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil

Hey There Beauties,

Today I wanted to review for you something that has been on the market for quite a while now and that is the Loreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil (boy thats a mouthful to say!) 

This is not a recent purchased and Im not quite sure why I have never reviewed it for you to be honest because its frickin awesome. 

It retails for about 15 euro I think which is kind of expensive but it last for like ever! Its 100 ml bottle and for each use you only need 2 pumps so its going to take you months and months to use this baby up!!

It claims to contain a blend of 6 flower extracts & also contain coconut & soybean oil and much more.

My hair loves this stuff!! It just drinks it up! My hair looks shiny and glossy after I have used it and I definitely notice a difference when I haven't!! 

You can add this to wet or dry hair. I usually add it to dry hair to add a glossy finish, Just from mid-length to ends. Its weightless and not greasy at all!! My hair just looks healthy. 

Im sure there are many different types now in the range and I will probably try another one whenever this one actually runs out. Although I have been looking at the expiration on the back and it says 18 months and Im not sure how long I have had this so I might be repurchasing sooner than I thought.

Not a very long review but I think it covers all the major points of the product and lets you know my thoughts and feelings on it.

Would I recommend it!? 100% 

Have you tried this product? 
If you have already or pick it up let me know your thoughts on it!
Are there are any other hair oils you would recommend!? (I love them!!)

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