Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Beauty School Blogging - Creating Grazes for Tv / Film

Today I learned about creating grazes / superficial cuts. Look gross huh? Turned out well though

I used Abrasion Blood (fake) Dirt Powder, Scar plastic and mixed yellow and green cream colours from the make-up palate. All Products from Make-up international. 

Step 1 - Take fake abrasion blood on a soft / wiry sponge, blot off excess and swipe across where u want the cut to be.

Step 2 - do the same with the dirt powder

Add as much or as little as u like for whatever effect you are trying to create.

for a more gruesome effect add scar plastic on top wait for it to dry (Like 30 Seconds) and paint over it in a yellowy / green.

This is just how my one turned out but it was my first try and i know with a bit more practice i will get more and more realistic !!

What do you think??


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wooah its quite a long title....

I wanted to start blogging for a number of reasons...First it looked like fun,
An outlet to express all my ideas and opinions.. and also to share my experiences. Also i thought it would be cool to see if anyone else out there shared them too. Finally I started a Make-up artistry course so it seemed like a great place to chat about my time there.

In September I started a course in make-up artistry. I wanted to take my passion for beauty to the next level… Since beginning then I have learned so much about the world of make-up artistry and decided I wanted to share experience with you guys.  In this course not only do I learn about basic make-up and classic looks. I also learn how to create fashion make-up looks, theatrical looks and different scenes for film and tv ( cuts, brakes, bruises, bullet wounds), I also get to learn all about the skin and how to take care of different skin types.

The only problem is it seems to be passing by so quickly… it’s already the 26th of November and nearly Christmas (29 sleeps!!) so I thought creating this blog would be a great way of acknowledging and sharing my time there.

So guys I hope u enjoy reading !! 

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

My Make-up Face Products I was using for Autumn

Ok so its coming into winter xmas time now..WooHoo!  I love this time of year! I am all about the Knits and faux furs. I love the cozy, but stylish look.    

Make-Up Favourites for Autumn


Loreal True Match
I love this Foundation, the coverage is medium but buildable, its so blendable. I also love the colour range. It is definatley one of my all-time favourites. I have normal to dry skin but at this time of year it gets more dry so i need a foundation that is not going to settle into those dry patches (eeww right) but with this one i dont feel self conscious and have never had to worry about it. Although i will add a decent enough skin care routine helps this.  



I have 2 concealers at the moment which im loving. These Two concealers i use on an everyday basis. The first one is the seventeen Phwoarr Paint. This is my heavy duty concealer for redness, and under the eye darkness. I have this in the colour Fair. Next is my Rimmel Wake me up concealer. I use this over foundation for extra coverage and to brighten up the eye area. again i think i have this in the lightest shade but unfortunatly the name has been rubbed off. (well loved :) ).        

Translucent Powder

My holy grail powder is the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed powder. It just finishes the make-up perfectly and gives it the staying power to last all day. Ive tried different powders but so far none have been able to beat it.



The bronzer ive been using lately is the essence sun club for blondes. This was kind of a re-discovery when i ran out of my last bronzer.I havent been blonde in a long time but as i am very fair skinned it works out perfectly for me when im not self-tanning. Its not my ultimate bronzer or holy grail product but it does the job and I have no complaints with the product.


What Are your Beauty Face Products This Autumn/Winter??