Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Product of the week: 17 BB Blemish Balm

 My Product of the week this week has definitely been The 17 BB Blemish Balm.

I have it in the colour Light (which to be honest is still a little too dark for me if I am completely tan free). I picked this product up a couple a months ago. I used it a couple of times and wasnt in love with it so it kind of got left on the back burner. I dont know why, I think it may have been because the weather is getting nicer and I wanted lighter coverage but i decided to give it another go. I am sooo happy i did!! It has been my hero of the week and Ive used everyday since. I think the last time I used I probably didnt use a primer or setting spray but with a combo of them this product just looks flawless and lasts all day without any touch ups!!

Although this product may say BB cream it is definitely a medium to full coverage product. So it really isnt that light. I apply this with using either my fingers or a brush but I prefer to use a brush (This is kind of with any foundation though as it is my preferred method for application) Also even though it is medium coverage it is very blendable & will last you an entire day!! I really do recommend anyone looking for a heavy duty, medium / full coverage little product to give this a go!!  
Love, Love, Love <3

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