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Shower Time Essentials

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& welcome back! Today I want to tell you all about my Shower Essentials.... Just the products I use on a daily basis! I have already done a post on my Makeup & Skincare Essentials which you can read just by clicking on this link Makeup & Skincare Travel Essentials. This got me thinking... maybe some people might be interested to know what products I like to use in the shower? Let me know in the comments if you enjoyed this type of post or not! 

Showers for me (as Im sure for most people) vary. Theres the "Im Late, Not much time but must be clean, 10 min shower" & then there is the "I have as much time as I want, I feel like living in the shower for an hour shower" Im going to focus on the latter more so.  

So what products do I consider essential to my shower routine??

Shampoo & Conditioner

So at the moment I am using Pantene shampoo & Conditioner. The Shampoo is the Pro-V Lightweight & Nourishment one & the conditioner is the Instant Hydration Against Extreme Summer Dryness - Summer Edition. They are different but from the same family. To be honest, I dont look very hard or try very much to experiment with shampoos & conditioners. Although it is something I am getting into a bit more. I think its because in the past (from my beach blonde phase) I had very dry & damaged hair but over the years I have gotten it back to a healthy condition again (with a lot help from my amazing hairdresser at Peter Mark, Boy was her work cut out for her) but now that it is healthy again I dont really worry about what I use on it, Shampoo & Conditioner wise as it pretty much all does the same job but in recent times (& this could be because I have been watching a few hair care routine videos on YouTube) I have been putting a bit more thought into the products I use to wash my hair.

Body Scrub

I always like to have a good body scrub on hand. I actually currently dont have one at the moment, but for me it is pretty much essential if I want to keep up a faux tanning routine. When I dont have one to hand what I will do instead, is keep a pair of exfoliating gloves like these ones pictured here (I love the colour of them) and then turn any shower gel into an exfoliater. I just pick them up in Dealz, Pennys/Primark or Tesco whenever I feel like they need to be replaced & they are really cheap too!

Shower Gel

At the moment I am loving the shower gels by Cussons Imperial Leather & Im currently using Revitalising Ylang Ylang & Juniper. Honestly one of the most important things for me in a shower gel is the smell as it fills up you whole shower. I want something that is going to make me feel happy & clean & awake! Also its going to stay on your skin as well. Dont get me wrong I want it to have nice ingrediants & be good for your skin but whats the point in having a shower and using a product that makes you want to gag (okay a little extreame, but you get my point) & this is definitely one the main reasons I keep going back to the Cussons Imperial Leather shower gels   

Shaving foam/ Cream & Razors

I love the Gillette Shaving foam & in particular the one that is infused with Olay. I always go back to Gillette, I just love it. I have used others in the past but I will always come back to it.
Now for razors if I am using disposable ones I will always use mens (as pictured here) as I just personally believe they work better but if I am using one with the disposable heads again I will always Gillette but I just wish they werent so expensive all the time #sadface I usually wait until Boots are having some kind of offer on them.  My favourites are the Spa Breeze or the one infused with Olay.

That is pretty much all I use in the shower as I dont wash my face in the shower I do that before or after depending on whether I have make up on or not.

Body Moisturising Cream

I am currently on the hunt for a in-shower body conditioner & I think I will be picking one up from Lush or I think Nivea have brought one out too. This is mainly because I am lazy & hate putting on moisturiser & waiting for it to dry. The one I am currently trying out is the Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion but a favourite of mine is the Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moistuiser (You read a full review by clicking here Review - Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser )

There you have it! Pretty much everything that I use in my shower routine! Obviously I change it up every now & again but these are the types of products I will always use in every shower! 

Please leave a comment down below with any recommendations of any shower products you think I might like & should pick up on my next shopping trip!!

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