About Me

Name:             Linda Roche

From:              Ireland

Age:                24

Eye Colour:     Blue

Skin:               Normal to dry

Hair:              Naturally - Brunette     Currently - Brunette

Starsign:         Aires

First Fell in love with make-up  

I think it was when i was quite young as i was always involved in  dramas, plays and theatre productions from a young age. however  I think I first feel in love with cosmetic make-up when I was secondary school... so when I was about 14/15 or so.

First product:                             

The first foundation i remember owning was the MaxFactor Pan stick.

First high end Product:              

I think it was the Benefit Play stick.

Favourite Colour:                      

I don't really have a favorite colour but I am Definitely more drawn to  pastels and neutrals than bold colours 90% of the time

Favourite Movie:                      

Sooo many good movies!! love love love superhero movies!! Chick flick - has to be the notebook (love Rachel McAdams) Thriller/Horror - The Reaping, The Amytiville horror (Ryan Renolds!) Rom- Com - Anything Bridget Jones, Made of Honor, 27 dresses. Kiddies movie - Finding Nemo, The Lion King, Up and Despicable Me (love those minions).


Catherine Heigel and Johnny Depp. Will probably watch just about   anything with these guys in them!!

Tv Shows:                                  

CatFish is the TV show of the moment!! Love Max and Nev!!How I Met Your Mother!!! (although lets not talk about how it ended) The Big Bang Theory! American Dad! and also most reality TV 

Favourite Bloggers/ Youtubers: 

Nicole Guerriero, Tanya Burr, Amerixe, Tati and Essie Button Just to name a few.

Favourite Music:                        

I love music!! pretty much anything. Artists in particular i love are Ed Sheerhan, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and of course someone who will never go out of style Michael Jackson


One saying that always stuck with me was -

If nothing ever changed there would be no butterflies         

Thank you for reading