Monday, 14 July 2014

Sleek Week!!

Hello girlies,

This week I am going to make it SLEEK WEEK!! Sleek Cosmetics has just come to Boots here in Ireland (well the one near me anyway) so in order to celebrate I  thought why not make each blog post I create this week about a make-up look I created using SLEEK make-up. A few months ago I discovered that a pharmacy near my family actually carried the Sleek Cosmetic line, so since then i have purchased a few of their products. However since they are becoming more widely available I thought I would dedicate this week to them. So for this post Im just going to show you the items I have in my collection & I will upload my first make-up look for you guys tommorrow.  

I currently own 2 eye shadow palates – Au Naturel 601 & Storm 578. 

Au Naturel Palate

Storm Palate

I’m hoping to pick up the new ultra mattes V 1 Bright Palate so hopefully I will be able to pick it up and do a look before the week is out. 

I also own 2 blushes – Rose Gold & Swede. 

I have 2 of the true colour lipsticks – Liqueur & Stiletto. 

Finally I also have the   contour kit in light. 

I thought I could incorporate all these products and come with a few different looks for different occasions. 

Have you tried Sleek Cosmetics??
What did you think??

Thank you for reading

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