Thursday, 10 July 2014

Review – St Moritz Tanning Range

Hello Everyone,

So in keeping with the self-tanners, I have another review of a self-tanning range.  In a haul a little while back I bought the St Moritz Tanning mousse in the colour medium. I wanted to try a tanning product that developed over a few hours and could be showered off before going out on the town or to bed so there’s none of that sleeping in stickiness. A couple of days later I spotted the rest of the range so I purchased the spray Tan and the lotion. I purchased all of these products for €4 each.  I decided I could try them all out and give you a proper review on the range and maybe recommend which formula I think is the best.

Originally I was going to go through each item individually under the list of headings but after using all three of the products I realised that they are so similar and have a similar result under each heading.

St Moritz Tannning Mousse, Lotion & Spray

Original Colour – They are all coloured for application. This is something I like in a self-tanning product. I like to be able to see where I am applying the product to my body. It looks green/brown on application. It can look a bit muddy but what I have found about the product is that I does not really matter what it looks like when it is applied. Don’t worry too much about streaks just make sure that all your skin is covered. It will all even itself out in the shower.

Ease of application – they truly are some of the easiest self-tanners I have ever applied, mainly because as ive already said you don’t have to pay too much attention to steaks.

Time to dry – I would leave it at least 10 mins but preferably closer to 20mins just to make sure it is completely dry before putting clothing back on.  

Smell – This was actually what I was most worried about but I was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t have a problem with it or find it in anyway over-powering. In all honesty I didn’t really notice it at all. I think the lotion and the spray smelled the strongest but like I said it wasn’t over-powering.

Time to develop – 4-6hours is instructed on the bottle. The first time I left the mousse on 4 hours before I washed it off and went to bed. I found that it continued to develop slightly over night. But It wasn’t anything really dramatic. The second time I left it for 6 hours and the tan was stronger. I much preferred it that way as it still looked natural…. Like a healthy glow. I then left the spray and the lotion on for 6 hours as well in order to get a good comparison.

Colour Payoff – I was very impressed with all of them. It looked very natural, not orange at all. It is a tan you could wear every day. I don’t think it would be dark enough for me for a night out but for an everyday natural tan it was perfect! I think the spray was marginally the lightest but overall they gave similar colour.

Which one would I re-purchase first
Honestly I think they all work similarly and giving similar colour payoff so which ever one you would choose you cant really go wrong. I think if I was re-purchase one again I personally would go for the mousse im not sure why but it is the one I would be drawn to first. I think it is just because I prefer mousse texure.

My recommendation
If you what a natural looking tan on a budget I highly recommend you give the St Moritz tanning range a go.

I was very impressed with this range. St Mortiz has completely opened up my opened up my mind. I will no longer be judging a self-tanner by its price tag. Just because its cheap does not mean it cant be an excellent self-tanner.

Have you tried this range??
What did you think??

Thank you for reading

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