Thursday 25 February 2016

Review - P.S. Love.. Eyelashes

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& Welcome back to my last P.S. Love... Review (This month! Dont worry not forever haha!) 

Earlier this month I posted a review on the P.S. Love... Eyebrow kit! (click here to read if you havent already! P.S. Love... Eyebrow Kit!) & I mentioned I was  so impressed with Primark/Pennys & their P.S. Love... range that I was going to dedicate all my reviews for the rest this month (Every Friday!) to this range. My Last review was on the Makeup brush range (again you can click here to check them out! Review - P.S. Love... Makeup Brushes)

As you can tell from the title I have decided that my final review of the month is going to be on their Eyelashes! Individual Eyelashes to be more precise! 

I always loved the concept of Individual lashes but never bothered to pick them up as they can usually be quite expensive for lashes you are not quite sure of. However when I saw these released (again i think it was before Christmas, So I think it was maybe Autumn/Winter season time) I couldn't resist! E1.50! Bargain!

I can now reveal I LOVE individual lashes!! They give you so much freedom. While yes on the one hand they do take more time & dedication in application than strip-lashes, you have so much more control over the look you are trying to create!! 

The pack contains 30 individual lashes but each "bunch" (for lack of a better word) have 3 little "bunches" (again someone please give me a word!) of lashes. This means they take less time to apply than brands that only give you the ones with one "bunch" (am I making any sense #bloggerproblems) They come in different lengths too. The first two rows are a medium length & the bottom two rows are long length lashes. It also contains glue aswell. I am going to have to admit something here though. Here it goes.... I have never used the glue *slap on wrist* bad beauty blogger. I always use my Duo Glue in Black so I have no need for the glue... sorry but Im sure if the quality of almost any other product they have released is anything to go by I have no doubt it does the job perfectly!

I would 100% Recommend these to anyone looking to branch out with Eyelashes! Why not give them a go and see how many looks you can create!. These will give you any look from natural & fluttery to Eyelash Fierce! & everything in between!

Once again #respect Primark/Pennys! You have consistantly brought out products where the quality deserves twice (& in most cases more) than price tag it carries ..... not that Im complaining!! haha

Have you tried these out yet??

what did you think??

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