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Whats New in Essence - Essence Haul!

Hello Everyone!

Today I have a haul for you guys. This is kind of an impromptu post. As many of you will already know if you follow my Twitter (Click here to add me & say hi!! Beauty_La_Linda - Twitter) I am moving shortly. I have been at home now since September, which is longer than I originally intended but the time is soon coming for the 25 year old baby to fly the nest once again.... *sadface...

However what you wont know is that where I am moving to, while I have a house & a Job set up, is kinda remote (as in back a*se of nowhere) which means I have a lot of buying of things in bulk i.e beauty related things. The nearest proper town for shopping is over an hour away... & as I dont drive (bain of my life) I will be unable to get things I need quickly & easily. Honestly I feel like Im packing to move into the jungle or desert or something.. its crazy! I am a city girl, I like things to be at my convenience & for things to be available pretty much 24/7.... (I case you wondering Ive checked the WiFi situation & we are good!) 

Anyway while I was out picking stuff up I came across an Essence stand & they had a load of new items on display, so naturally I just had to pick some up to try out... right!? Makes sense to me! (P.s. you can probably expect some more hauls soon with all the things I have to pick up in preparation of the move)

Wana take a look at what I got?? 

Mosaic Blushes


These just looked SO Pretty! I couldn't possibly leave them there! Good thing I needed new blushes *winkyemoji*  I got the colours (From left - right) 30. Kissed by the Sun & 10. Miss Floral Coral! Can wait to give these bad boys a go!!

Prettifying Lip Oil

I have not tried this yet but I love the concept of it. I have not seen any other drugstore/highstreet makeup brand bring out a lip oil (let me know in the comments if Im wrong but I dont remember ever seeing one). I know that Clarins have one, but I would exactly call that highstreet & I have yet to try it even though I have seen some great reviews!  They have 3 different colours available, one pink & one red. I chose this one because I dont like when my lips are too pigmented looking naturally. I dont know why, I have just always been that way with my lips. Plus I thought I might use this as a night oil lip thingy if it was good. I got the shade 01. I care for you, honey. I will keep you updated!!

Glossy Stick

These are also a new item. Funny story about this... I meant to pick up a matt one, as they have matt sticks too. Oh well. They have many different shades The one I picked up is 02 Clear Nude as I have yet to get out of this "Kylie Jenner" brown nude love affair! I will be back to pick up the Matt version of it. I am much more of a matt girl!

Long lasting Lipsticks


They have new shades!!! I love this formula so much (I mean you have heard me rave on & on about it in the past year!) Now unfortunately I was not the first one to find this stand... even though it was like 10am... clearly the stand had been there a couple of days, so most of the shades were gone but I picked up this divine shade called 21. Tres Chic Once again I will be back to pick up more. They also had new lipglosses & new lipsticks called Velvet Matts but again the shades I wanted were all gone!!

The Gel - Nail Polish

Now if you know me by now then you know I can never resist their nail polish range! Their colours are so amazing! Speaking of which I dont think my camera is doing them justice! I got them in the shades 47 Va-Va-Voom Which is a beautiful coral but is showing up much more orange in the photo & 38. Love is in the Air which is much more of a baby pastel yellow in real life! If you like nail varnish at all you should really check out the Essence stand!! So much choice!

Long Lasting Eye Pencil

Now Im not sure if this is new but I dont think Ive ever tried it before so I said Id give it a go!! I  got the shade 01. Black Fever .

& Thats all folks! I will be sure to get back to you & let you know how I got on!! 

Have you tried any of these yet!? 
What did you think?? 
Do you have other products you would recommend for me to try out!?  
Leave me know in the comments what you favourite Essence product is!!

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