Friday, 12 February 2016

Review || P.S. Love... Eyebrow Kit

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So is it just me or have Pennys/Primark been killing it in the past couple of months with their P.S. Love.. beauty range. So much so I have many reviews coming up on their range. In fact I have decided that the rest of the reviews for this month (all of which will be posted on a friday) will be the P.S. range!! So stay tuned!!   I mean for the price I just feel they have really upped their game! I love a good bargin as much as the next person but I always feel there is no point in getting something just because its cheap, for me it still has be worth its inexpensive price tag. 

Recently I decided to pick up this P.S Love... Brow Kit. It includes 2 different powder shades, Tinted wax, brush & tweezers. I first liked the look of it as it as the shades looked cooler than ones you usually find on the highstreet / Drugstore. As a brunette I know there tend to be more shades available than for blondes but I find most companies tend to lean towards the warmer side of the spectrm and then straight up black is just too harsh for my complexion and dark for my hair. This product is a little warmer than my other favourite which is the Catrice one but not much and also it cost me 2.50 euro ... hello bargin.

What I like about this product

I find the darker shade perfect for me! I have also found that the middle shade works perfect as a contour for me! I had a sneaky suspicion when I spotted it in the store and I was right! So I got two products in one! I will say however if you decide to try it as a contour that I have quite a light skin tone and complexion so if you are much darker than me it might not work out as well.  


The powder is quite.. powdery, tends to be a bit of fall out so make sure you tap out any excess before application otherwise your perfect eyeshadow could be destroyed!! also the tools they include.. lets be real you are probably never going to use them. I mean the tweezers is ok but I dont think you will ever use the brush. I think they would be better off putting the money that they use into providing the tools, into their packaging instead. The packaging is basic but at that price I couldnt careless.

So yes the outer look of the product is basic at best wont be winning any awards for it anytime soon but the product itself is really good. I have been using it for the past month and apart from the powdery fall out that can happened if not tapped out Ive have no issue whatsoever. In fact I have been using to contour all month too so Thumbs up for this little product!!

Have you tried this product?
What are your thoughts?

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