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Shop my Stash! Part #3 || What I intend on using up!

Hello beautiful people, 

Now a couple of months back I did a Shop my Stash series. This is where I did a massive clean out of all my make up. I did this in 3 parts ( You can read the first 2 by clicking on the links here Shop my Stash part #1 || What I am throwing away || Fail Products ~&~ Shop my Stash #2 || What I am throwing away || Mini Reviews )

Today is part 3 & Im not going to lie this post is coming to you way later than I intended it to. I guess it just got lost & looked over in the past couple of months for some reason or other. Anyway I am here today to tell you all about the rediscovered items with my intention of using up until the very last drop!!

Urban Decay - All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray

I picked this baby up after I was on serious Nicole Guerrero kick on YouTube haha. I know this isnt the one she uses as we have different skin types but as she & and so many other beauty bloggers & Youtubers have raved about this product I just had to pick one up and try it for myself!! Sometimes you just have to try things out to see what all the hype is about. I generally save it for nights out or heavy duty work when we actually get hot weather in the summer as my primer is usually strong enough to keep all that makeup in place but lately I have seemed to forget it exists altogether. Whats the point in paying for an expensive good quality product & never use it??


Maybelline Colour Tatoo Eyeshadows

I loved these so much when I got them & I raved & raved about them on here, then put them in a drawer & forgot all about them #beautyhoarderproblems Anyway these are products I definitely intend on using up!! I have the shade Pink Gold and On & On Bronze! They are creamy, blendable, amazing pigment & staying power, easy to use & have a fantastic price tag! What more could you want!!? (to be honest I want to pick up more!!!) 


Essence Lip Pencils

Im sure I have mentioned these before! I love the lip pencils from the Essence range! I have so many colours! The ones here that I picked to use more are Nude & Honey Berry. They have such a fantastic range of colours. They are creamy & smooth & dont drag on the lips at all or dry them out! If you are looking for good quality lip pencils at the right price, look no further! Essence has you covered!!

Eyeliner Pencils

These are 3 eyeliner pencils that I love and intend on finishing up! Two are from Essence (one of my favourite brands for eyeliners also) & one is from Barry M. The ones I have picked out from essence are (the one on the top) Essence long lasting eyeliner in Bling Bling & (second from the top) Kajal Pencil in Teddy. The one I picked out from Barry M is one Im sure you have heard me talk about in the past. It is a copper toned eyeliner No. 29 (Ive said it before & Ill say it again Barry M need to have names for their products instead of numbers. The names are half the fun!) I love all these liners but have been on a serious black eyeliner kick the past few months, but I intend on branching out again soon!! 

Assortment of random eyeshadows I want to get more use out of -

Okay so I have realised that I have built up quite the collection of single eyeshadows yet never use them! I dont know how it happens!! It just seems to creep up on ya! Anyway the brands Ive picked from are 3 very affordable brands.

Starting from top, left to right - Essence~Keep Calm & Berry on, Catrice~ Limited Edition Metallure Metallic Marbled Eye Shadow C03~Metallicious, Natural Collection~Asteroid, Catrice~Fancy A Coppa Tea, Essence Irresistible Caramel Cream, Essence~Frosted Apple, Catrice~ Limited Edition Metallure Metallic Marbled Eye Shadow C01~Metalight, Catrice~Dont Touch my Mosserati, Essence~Fox in the Box & Finally Essence~Chocolate Jewelery! 

I dont actually believe I will make it through all of these but I definitely want to give it a shot & get more creative with my makeup!! Ill keep you up-dated on how I get on!! 

Thats the end of me cleaning up my make up drawers, for a little while anyway! Im sure I will have more #Shopmystash posts in the coming months!

Have you tried any of these products!? What did you think?
have you had a make up clear out recently let me know in the comments what products you intend on using up or leave me links if you too have done a post of this kind??

Chat soon x

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