Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Review - Loreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil

Hey There Beauties,

Today I wanted to review for you something that has been on the market for quite a while now and that is the Loreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil (boy thats a mouthful to say!) 

This is not a recent purchased and Im not quite sure why I have never reviewed it for you to be honest because its frickin awesome. 

It retails for about 15 euro I think which is kind of expensive but it last for like ever! Its 100 ml bottle and for each use you only need 2 pumps so its going to take you months and months to use this baby up!!

It claims to contain a blend of 6 flower extracts & also contain coconut & soybean oil and much more.

My hair loves this stuff!! It just drinks it up! My hair looks shiny and glossy after I have used it and I definitely notice a difference when I haven't!! 

You can add this to wet or dry hair. I usually add it to dry hair to add a glossy finish, Just from mid-length to ends. Its weightless and not greasy at all!! My hair just looks healthy. 

Im sure there are many different types now in the range and I will probably try another one whenever this one actually runs out. Although I have been looking at the expiration on the back and it says 18 months and Im not sure how long I have had this so I might be repurchasing sooner than I thought.

Not a very long review but I think it covers all the major points of the product and lets you know my thoughts and feelings on it.

Would I recommend it!? 100% 

Have you tried this product? 
If you have already or pick it up let me know your thoughts on it!
Are there are any other hair oils you would recommend!? (I love them!!)

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  1. Girl this is a fabulous review !!! Lots of detail !! I have never tried this but I have heard fab things about products like this !!
    Great post lovely!

    1. Thank You so much for your lovely comment! Means alot! I highly recommend this product!! Let me know your thoughts on it if you give it a go yourself x