Friday, 13 January 2017

Review - PS...PRO Miracle Primer

Hello Beauties, 

So the quest for the perfect primer continues...

In the winter months I picked up this new primer from the PS... PRO range from Pennys / Primark. I'm always on the look out for new affordable products & I love trying out new primers!! They have brought out two in the range from what I can see at the moment.  

I picked this one up for E5... again another bargain!! Although to be fair a product can only be called a bargain if it performs well! Here are my thoughts -

This product contains 30ml of product & claims to create a smooth flawless finish. It claims to minimise the appearance of pores & fine lines & to be appropriate for all skin types. 

The product is flesh tone in colour and smooth in texture, with a siliconey feel to it. I have normal to dry skin & I found this product worked very well with my skin. It does what it says on the tin, which is it creates a smooth even base for make up application. 

As I have normal to dry skin I can't guarantee that it mattifys the skin or how it would hold up on an oily skin type but yet it doesn't claim to mattify anyway. They have another primer which is a mattifying one available too. I have a full review coming up on that next Friday, so stay tuned for that!  

To be honest I think I have found a dupe with this product. As soon as I tried the tester in the store the first thing it reminded me of was Benefit's Porefessional & I was correct to be honest. For my skin I find no difference between this and the Porefessional apart from the price tag. Although I really enjoy the Porefessional I honestly can't justify buying it for myself any more when this product is available for about a quarter of the price!! The Porefessional may hold up better on oilier skin types but for me I get the exact same results from both!

Would I recommend this product?

100% If you were planning on trying the Porefessional but don't know if you want to invest give this one a go! If you have normal to dry skin like me then you won't be disappointed. I think it provides the perfect base for makeup! I will definitely be repurchasing this product! #winning

Have you tried this product!? What are your thoughts? Do you think it's comparable to Benefit's Porefessional Primer? Leave me a comment & let me know!! I would love to hear your thoughts!!

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