Monday, 7 July 2014

Getting Duped! Naked 2 & Naked 3

Hey there beauties,

Today I have a very exciting post. So for a while now ive been hearing W7 cosmetics but could now seem to find them anywhere! Then I randomly walked into a pharmacy…not looking for anything in particular and I spot these babys on the shelf!! I just had to purchase them on the spot. These were the only cosmetics from the brand in the store. So Excited!!
As soon as I could I open them and compared them to the urban decay palette’s and they were so similar

Naked 2 & W7 In The Buff


I decided to really put them to test and do a look using both palettes in order to get a true comparison

On my right eye - Suspect, Verve, Foxy and YDK
On my left eye -  Earth, Silk, Buff  and Wave

Naked 3 & In The Nude


On my right eye -  Nooner, Darkside, Black Heart, Dust, Strange
On my left eye –  Alice, Tokyo, Fashionista, Angel, Latte

Pretty much all the colours are exact dupes. The only one I think is not a dupe is Liar in the Naked 3 & Bad Manners from the in the buff Palette.

I think the pigmentation is very good. The Urban Decay palettes are more pigmented but I guess that’s what you are paying 40 euro more for. However the shades are buildable to reach the desired intensity. There was also minimal fall-out which I was very impressed with.

Like the Naked 2 & 3 these palettes are in tin packaging. I love palettes to be packaged like this. However you do feel a real difference in the weigh and texture when holding these at the same time. Just by holding them you would know which one is cheaper.
Price difference
Naked palettes – Between 40 and 50 euro
W7 Palettes – Between 5 – 10 euro

I think these definitely are dupes for one another. You will be able to achieve all your desired Naked looks using these palettes.  if you are on a budget or starting out with make-up and do not want to spend that much money on make-up yet I definitely recommend you give these a go. However I personally love Urban Decay shadows and think if you can fit them into your budget go for the real thing. Honestly you need a Naked Palette in your life!! Maybe get the Naked Original and then the dupes for 2 & 3.   Or another idea is have them as back ups. So on a day to day basis you cud wear W7 and save your Urban Decay for special occasions or nights out saving you from hitting pan for a lot longer.

Have you tried these Palettes yet??
What did you think??

Thank you for reading

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