Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Boots Haul!!

Hey girlies,

So today I headed in to boots (Irish Drugstore) with the sole intention of only picking up the Maybelline forever strong super stay 7 days gel nail colour (such a long name) in Pink in the Park. I spotted it on the nails of a few bloggers and thought it looked like the perfect pink shade. 

However, of course Boots were having an offer of 3 for 2 on all Maybelline so I just had to avail of the offer (It would be rude not to… haha) . Then I noticed they had just put up a Sleek Cosmetics stand and then with a bit more browsing I ended up purchasing from the brand Seventeen also. 

I didn’t actually purchase the essence lipstick in Boots that was in a new pharmacy that opened up in my home town. Could not resist… I did try to purchase this lipstick before but they were all opened and used on the stand so I was excited when I found it today.  

If you want to know more just keep reading - 

Maybelline forever strong super stay 7 days gel nail colour

So this is the item I planned on purchasing today and im so glad I did! It is the perfect baby pink colour!! Very opac and perfect with 2 coats.  I am actually seriously considering buying a back up just incase because I am after falling in love with it already!! Check out my instagram for pics of the nails! This polish would have cost me €6.79 but as I used 3 for 2 it was free. However I would gladly pay double the retail price for this colour!

Maybelline 24 hr Colour tatoos in the shades – 65 – Pink Gold & 35 – On and on Bronze 

I know im late to the party with these, everyone and their mother has these. I honestly don’t know why its taken me so long to get them. I swatched them and they were beautiful.  I really cant wait to play with them and see if the hype that surrounds them is really worth it. I picked up these for €7.49 each.

Sleek Cosmetics Blush – 926 Rose Gold

When I saw this blush I just could not pass it up! I am loving rose gold at the moment and this was just so beautiful. When I swatched it there was actually a lot of gold in their so it might be good as a highlight as well so I will just have to see and report back to you guys. This product was €5.49

Seventeen – Instant Glow Cream Bronzer  

Lately I have been on the hunt for a cream bronzer just because I have never tried one and wanted to experiment. I might be able to get a more natural glow as I have been on a serious fake tanning kick at the moment. I don’t know what it is, I see the sun (even in pictures) and I want to be tanned!! I have no doubt I am not alone. Anyway I thought this product might help me in my quest to be glowing and tanned. I will keep you updated! I paid €6.29

Essence – Longlasting Lipstick – 10 Cotton Candy

And last but certainly not least this beautiful tube of pinkness!! Love it! Very vibrant and the perfect shade for July!! It is very pigmented and these lipsticks are longlasting, I don’t find them too drying and for €2.89 what more could you ask for!

So there you have it!! All the items I bought when I was only supposed to be getting ONE nail varnish!! Haha oh well I cant say im too upset. The offer with Maybelline is still on in Boots if you want run in and grab these or any other products for yourself. I'm not sure for how long the offer is running but they are always having offers every time I visit, on different brands.

Thank you for reading

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