Friday, 24 June 2016

First Impressions / Mini Review - PS... Love to Glow Face Mask!

Hello my Beauties!

Today I have another product to share with you! This is from the new (I think its new anyway) PS... Love - Skincare range from Pennys/Primark. I just want to first say there will be a few reviews coming up on PS... Love Products, These have all been purchased with my own money & are not sponsered in anyway as I know currently many bloggers & youtubers have received promotion packages from Primark & are doing posts & videos about them. This is not the case here.  

Anyway today I am here today to share my thoughts and views on this little baby. I picked this up about 2 weeks ago, when it caught my eye just sitting there all lonely on the shelf haha. The reason it took me so long to try out was because although I love to try out new things I had a few events and whatnot coming up and when it comes to skincare especially masks, I am always afraid they might break me out. 

PS... Love to Glow Face Mask

  • Claims to contain Argan Oil & Vitimin E
  • Claims to Exfoliate & Smooth skin
  • Claims to Brighten & Moisturise dull, tired skin 
  • Contains 50ml of product
  • Costs E3.50  

It is quite thick in texture. It is a mud mask (or atleast looks like one). It is greyish, brown in colour. I contains small little granules that seem to work as a physical exfoliator, exfoliating the skin as you apply and remove the product.

How I used the product

I applied the product as directed. I applied a thin layer to my clean face avoiding eyes, nose, mouth & ears. I then waited for 10 minutes before I removed the product using warm water.

My Experiance

I was not expecting the the texture of it. although it is quite creamy the granules make it a little scratchy but nothing painful or anything, just like using any other exfoliating product. I applied a thin layer. It felt cooling on the skin. I felt that almost immediately but I kinda liked it. As it began to set the mixture got quite hard & felt tightening which I also liked. It also applied light in colour (more of a light grey) & dried much darker (darker grey brown). Again I liked this as you could see when the product was done.

The Results

I have to say I was surprised. Almost immediately my skin did look brighter & fresher but that was not what I was so surprised about, It was how soft my skin was. I kid you not! about half an hour after I touched my skin & I was like "wow! oh my god! I was not expecting that!"          


I have normal to dry skin, so if you have similar skin I definitely recommend  you give it a go!! Im sure other skin types would probably be fine too but as I dont have them myself I cant personally recommend skincare for them. However for me this was an extremely positive experience. I will say however, for the sake of balance, although my skin felt soft & I liked this mask I didnt find anything completely outstanding about it in the days after (nothing that you wouldnt get from alot of other masks) I think the product has been designed and formulated well but it will take a few uses to provide you guys with information on wether this product actually provides some lasting or longer term effects on my skin. I will be sure to come back with an update after a few more uses!   

Anything I would change or didnt like?

  • I dont like using my fingers to get the product out of the jar (hygiene reasons), I would love if there was a little spatula or something included but again this is a E3.50 product.
  • They dont say anywhere (that I can find anyway) how often it is recommended to use the product but I will probably just use it once a week or so.
  • I fear it might dry out as the air has gotten into it or it might not work as well anymore.

Thumbs up from me! I cant wait to try out the other skincare products in the range!! 

I hope you enjoyed this first impression / mini review. Please leave me a comment down below if you have tried this before or have any thoughts or views on it!! 

Chat soon x 

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  1. Thank you for your impression, I like the way you describe the product and your expectations. I have a similar italian product from Bottega verde but it has a heating effect when applied so I'm not very inclined to use it now, during summer so maybe I'll try it if I will find it here...

  2. Thank you so much for your lovely comment!! yeah I'm not a big fan of masks that heat up either! Its a weird feeling that I'm not sure I'm comfortable with haha! Yeah I would definitely recommend you try this mask out!! Good Luck I hope you find it & I hope you enjoy it!! x