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Pamper Month || Whats your skin type? || Beginners Guide to knowing your skin type!!

Hello ladies, 

This post is going to focus on skin type. Many people are unaware as to how knowing your skin type can be beneficial when choosing cosmetic and skincare products. When purchasing a new product no matter how much research you do you are still taking a gamble. Will this work for me?? Will I see any results?? Will it break me out?? Will it make me look flawless?? These are all questions that run through our minds when pick up a new foundation or moisturiser so it still baffles me as to why anyone would want to make that process any harder by not knowing their skin type.

No matter how good the product worked on your friend who is a combo / oily girl, It is never going to work on you if you are a normal / dry or sensitive skin kinda girl (unless specified for all skin types) and this is something I think that needs to be recognised. I really hate to think that people waste their money on expensive products that never had a shot of working for them in the first place. 

I am here to help! Here is my guide to knowing your skin type!

Normal Skin

The best way of describing this skin type is the skin a child has. Not oily or acne prone, or dry and flaky and usually not sensitive. Soft, Even pigmentation and healthy looking. This is this is the most desirable skin type to have but it is rare. The only thing about having this skin type is the people that have generally do not take care of it because there is skin is a non-issue, meaning later in life their skin will suffer. 

  • Benefits - Easiest of all skin types to have
  • Draw backs - More likely to suffer later in life

Dry Skin

This is where the skin does not produce enough sebum. The skin will look dry and flaky and will feel tight (this is not a good thing) This skin type if not taken care of can age the quickest as it does not have enough oil/moisture underneath the skin the aid the movement of it. It is also the quickest skin type to get broken capilaries which cause redness or rosacea of the skin.

  • Benefits - Skin will be clear and acne free
  • Draw backs - Skin will age quicker

Oily Skin

This is where the skin produces too much sebum and there is an oily residue on the skin. Skin can look oily / sweaty. Tends to be acne prone. This skin type ages the slowest as it has all that oil to keep it subtle. #Tip - If you have oily skin do not make it your mission to strip it of all its natural oils. This will make your skin think it is not producing enough as your skin is getting drier and encourage it to produce more!! Instead use a night oil serum as part of your nightly routine and this will trick your skin into thinking it has already produced enough and slow down on the oil production!!

  •  Benefits - Takes the longest to age
  • Draw backs - Can be the most problematic of skin 

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is usual dry and tight to touch. It is not usually Over oily or Over dry but it can become irritated easily and is very reactive to products that go near it. Also tends to have redness. People with sensitive skin need to be careful and understand what ingredients / makeup lines work for them and more importantly what ones dont!

  • Benefits - skin will is not acne prone or generally have too much dryness
  • Draw backs - Person will need to be very careful when choosing products  

Combination skin

Most people will have combination skin this is where they will experience oiliness in their T-zone (which consists of across the forehead and down the nose) and dryness on their cheeks and chin. This means that different products need to be used in different areas in order to treat and aid the different skin types. It is also possible to have any combination of skin. 

  • Benefits - as there are a combo all drawbacks of others (apart from sensitive) are decreased
  • Drawbacks - Can be tougher to treat as there are different areas/issues to focus on

Unfortunately one final bit of bad news - Skin type can change depending on the season. In generall skin tends to get oilier in summer (heat) and dryer in winter (cold) but again it depends on the individual. 

I personally am Normal/Dry. This just means that my skin is mostly Normal but tends to get dry every now and then and that has be addressed. If left untreated I have experienced very bad dryness!

I hope this helped you!!

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