Monday, 9 March 2015

Getting Duped! Naked Palate Original!

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W7 have done it again. In the past I have posted about the W7 Palate dupes for Naked 2 & 3 (If you would like to read them then just click HERE) And now I have managed to pick up another 2 palates from them! The dupe for the Naked Original Palate is called W7 Lightly Toasted (cute name!)

I know I am not the first person or indeed blogger to discover these and many of you may have read these kinds of post already but If you have yet to read one and are looking for a good Naked Palate dupe then this is the perfect post for you!!

Again like the In The Buff palate (Naked 2 dupe) & the In The Nude palate (Naked 3 dupe) the packaging is the same colour as their more expensive Urban Decay counterpart. The Lightly Toasted palate comes in a brown tin container with gold writing. The packing is obviously not as swanky or expensive looking as the Naked palate but considering the palate is less than 10 euro I would expect that to be the case. It comes with a small double ended brush which I probably wont get much use out of but I might use the duo fibre side to smoke out under nearth the lash line as its the perfect size for it.



The pigment on these are outstanding as usual but they do tend to have a bit of fallout, especially with the darker shades. The only shade I wasnt that happy with was Di Di (smog dupe) as smog is probably my favourite shade and it just didnt compare, however I truly believe you can create almost any look with this palate that you could create with the Naked Original palate.

As I have said in the past nothing would ever persuade me to give up my Naked palates! I love them and all the hype is justified but in saying that W7 have created an excellent dupe for a fraction of the cost. The packaging my not be as fancy or the staying power as long (just use a primer) but they are excellent shades with buttery texture for under 10 euro.

I highly recommend these if you are starting out with makeup and want a Naked look but dont want or are unable to pay out up to 50 euro on a palate. Also I found these are good to take on trips or holidays if you dont want to bring your expensive palates away with you incase they get lost or damaged. My sister is going inter-railing in the summer and swears by the Naked 2 palate! but is afraid of losing it so instead she is taking W7 In The Buff instead as it is so similar but is a fraction of the cost and easier to replace!!

Have you tried any of these palates yet??

Which one is you favourite??

Thank You for Reading

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