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YouTubers / Bloggers made me do it! 2014

Hey Everyone!

So one of the wonderful things about being apart of this great community is that I get hear about and see so many different beauty products that ordinarily I may have never stumbled upon or took much interest in. This however makes it inevitable that I will end up purchasing these products! This post is dedicated to the products that I picked up last year or even late 2013 due to the testimonies of other Bloggers / Youtubers. Unfortunately I didnt have some of the products to hand so I had to improvise with pics from the internet.

Nicole Guerriero

Nicole Guerriero is the first Beauty Guru I ever watched on YouTube and honestly the first person who opened up my eyes to this whole world. I remember I was looking for a smokey eye and thought maybe YouTube might have the answer and I stumbled upon her video Dewy Skin & Bronzey Eyes - Link. I then went on to watch her other videos and I was hooked started looking for other YouTubers and never looked back. 

Two Products I ended up picking up solely on Ms Guerrieros recommendations were

  • Loreal True Match Foundation
  • Urban Decay Setting Spray

I have loved both of these products and the Loreal True Match is probably my favourite drugstore foundation of all time! The only downside to the Urban Decay Setting Spray is that the packaging seems to get so dirty and cant be cleaned!!

Tanya Burr

Tanya Burr is just the sweetest person I think! I think If I knew here in real life we would def be besties haha. She is the second YouTuber I ever watched! I found her so easy to watch and so likeable. It is because of her that I picked up 

  • Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation
  • Rimmel Stay Matt Powder

I think both of these items have featured in favourites and they were all because of this lady!


Honestly when I first started watching her on YouTube I didnt know what to make of her. I wasnt sure what she was beauty? lifestyle? I was so new to this whole vlogging culture and I didnt understand it.... Ah seems so long ago now ..... Now however I have so much respect for this girl. She really is an inspiration to all us normal girls. She just seems like someone you would want to hang out with and chat about life. I am currently reading here book Girl Online and loving it! From watching Zoes beauty videos I was inspired to pick up 

  • Sleek Cosmetics blushes and eyeshadow palattes

I now own 2 blushes in swede and roses n gold and 2 eyeshadow palattes in Storm and Eu Natural

If you would like to read more on the sleek cosmetics I own just click here - Link 


These two are constant inspiration for make up ideas! They are so talented!! Honestly I dont know what YouTube ever did without them! So it may come as now surprise when I tell you what I picked up from watching them .... any guesses??
  • Real Techinques Brushes

I love them so much! good job you guys!!


Last but certainly not least Tati! I love watching her! Shes so quirky but in a good way haha. and always has helpful tips and hints! From watching here videos I went out and bought 

  • Collection lasting Perfection Concealer
  • Maybelline Colour Tatoos

I love both these products. She was right on point with her reviews as always.

There are so many others that I didnt include or else I would be here all night but I thought I would just pick 5 of my favourite YouTubers / Bloggers and tell you a couple of things I felt inspired to purchase. I you havent checked out any of their channels then here are the links

What Bloggers / YouTubers have inspired you to pick up products??

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