Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Whats New in Catrice??

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So today I thought I would do a post all about the recent (as in the last month) products I picked up from Catrice. 
As I have mentioned previously in one of my videos not so long ago Catrice discontinued some of their products. This was to make room for new ones and over the last couple of months I have picked up a few of them. This is not going to be a review or go into much detail about each specific product. This more of a show and tell kind of post. Reviews will come later.


I love Catrice as a brand as whole anyway. Its very affordable for good quailty products! Another cool fact is that they dont test on animals! I may do a brand overview in the New Year for you.

3 in 1 Colour Care Correct, Skin Tone Adapting Make Up

woah long name. As soon as I tried the tester product in the store it reminded me of the Loreal Nude Magique BB cream. and it works along the same principal. When you squeeze it out of the tube it is white. Then when you use your fingers to rub it in it changes colour to a foundation like colour and it is supposed to adapt to your skin tone. The product contains beads of colour pigment which are broken when blended into the skin. I have only tried it once and I liked it but I found the colour to be off on me. To be fair I picked up the medium one when I should have probably picked up the light one. I need to try it out more to give it a full review but I have to say at this early stage and on first Impressions I do prefer the Loreal one.

Lash Boast, Lash Extension Fibres

My favourite Mascara from Catrice cosmetics is the Lashes to Kill with Lash Fibres so when I saw this I thought what if I could get the same effect with any mascara?? I actually havent tried it yet but there will be a review shortly, so keep posted! It says you are supposed to apply your regular mascara, apply the Lash Boast and then reapply your mascara. Im excited!

Ultimate Lash Multimizer

As I have said previously my favourite mascara is the Lashes to Kill one but I thought I would try something new and on the side of the packaging there was a picture of the brush and it looked huge so I picked it up! I was right look above for this bad boy! Ive use it once and I wasnt amazed by it but like I said with most of these products I will need more time to give any of them a proper review.


Here I picked up too of the Limited Edition Shadows in C01 - Metalight and C03 - Metallicious.

One of my favourite shadows that was being discontinued 630 - Fancy A Coppa Tea?

Finally one of the Liquid Metal shadows in 080 - Mauves like Jagger



Limited Edition Metallure Lip Colour in C01 - Metalight

First off I love the packaging!! and I thought this colour was perfect for Autumn / Winter with just enough sparkle for Christmas! 

Nail Varnishes

First I picked up these  Million Brilliance Luxury Laquers. I love a bit of Sparkle and I thought they were perfect for this festive season!! From left to right - 06  Bronze Upon a Time , 07 - Stars & Stories , 04 - Lost N Roses. 

I also picked up a Limited Edition Metallure Nail Varnish in C03 - Metalight

Ultimate Nail Laquer 62 - Must Have STEELetto

Extreme Gel Shine - Gel Like Top Coat

And Finally picked up Ombre Top Coat 01 - Colour of Change.
This product is one I'm really excited about! I haven't seen anything like it before in the drugstore / highstreet. You apply a light colour nail varnish and then apply this top coat and it will change the shade one shade darker. So on the 1st nail no top coat , 2nd nail one layer of top coat , 3rd nail two layers , 4th nail three layers and 5th nail four layers. Seems like alot but hopefully it will work out.


So thats it! all my newest products in my Catrice collection. As I have said previously there will reviews and updates coming up soon on all these products.

Have you tried any products? What did you think?


Thank You For Reading


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