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Beauty Hangover Survival Kit - Part #2 (Make-up)

Hello Everyone

Welcome back for my 2nd part to my Beauty Hangover Survival Kit. Okay so we are Officially in the Christmas / Party season and as Ive said in my previous post I have come up with a set of tactics to help me survive the day after a big night out. 
In Part #1 I talked about skincare and the routine I use to help my skin recover. This is all based on the premise that I have the following day off to relax and recover. 
In this post I will be talking about those terrible days where you have no option but to get up , put on your face and take on the world when everything inside of you is screaming at you to crawl back underneath your bed sheets!! 

*Again disclaimer - I am in noway encouraging the consumption of alcohol or intoxication but as I have said previously it happens and I am just here to help with tips for recovery. #beautyfairygodmother

Okay so we have been out the night before, had so much fun and now it is the next morning.. Must get to that meeting/class/work/appointment.......Must not look like death.....Must look like normal functioning human being......

Non-Beauty Related Recovery

Water - Very Important to keep hydrated!!

Painkillers - If necessary. Asprin should do the trick

Energy - I would usually go for Lucozade (sport or regular) and / or Juice

Eat Something - may not always be possible but try something small like a banana or breakfast bar                                 (something healthy if possible) 

*If you are getting headaches or feeling anxious I find staying away from caffeine to be the best option   

*Disclaimer 2 - I am not a doctor, expert or professional. This is my opinion alone and this is what works for me. 

Beauty Related Recovery

First off unless absolutely necessary make the process easy for yourself. What I mean by this is no complicated cat flicks unless you can do them in your sleep! 

Take off last nights make-up. More then likely we forgot to do this the night before so we have to remove it now. If I have time, energy and physical ability I will try to do it properly but if not I have been known to use facial wipes. I am in noway recommending these for everyday use alone but every now and then they come in handy and I always have a pack close by. I like the ones by the brands Pure.

Primer. Long night or not I now have to always use a primer. My skin is now already dry and probably not in the best shape so Im going to give it and my make-up a helping hand. This will help my base go on smoother and put a barrier between it and my skin. For this I am currently using Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser. I have already done a full Review of this. Check it out here - Link        

Put your base in place. For this I would recommend something light and that will make you look more awake. I recommend the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation. This foundation has been included in my blog post and YouTube video on my Top 5 Drugstore/Highstreet Foundations. Check it out here - Link

Conceal, Conceal, Conceal. Dark circle, redness?? All normal after a night out! but that doesnt mean we want to show everyone. I like a highlighting concealer to make me look more awake. There are a lot on the market that I love but my current favourite is the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. I have recently done a review. Check it out here - Link      

For eyeshadow I would go easy. I would muti task my bronzer and just use it in the crease to create some definition.

Eyebrows are a girls best friend! Eyebrows automatically make you look more put together so do not forget them! I like to use the Catrice Eyebrow Set for this as I prefer powder to pencil, but I would always be interested in trying more out.

Mascara / Eyeliner. Again this will Immediately open your eyes. Eyeliner is not necessary but I rarely go a day without it so it depends on my energy level.   

Contour. I always contour. I'm a little bit of an addict. I just feel it is kind of essential to me and the Bronzer I am still loving is the Catrice Sun Glow Matt Bronzing Powder.

Blush. A little bit of blush will make you instantly look healthier and the one I like at the moment is Sleek Cosmetics - Suede. 

Finally Lipstick or gloss. As Im a nudes girl I would probably go nude. If you want to know my current favour just check out my recent blog post here - Link But I do think a pop of colour #overused really does make you look instantly more awake and put together! So you go for it girl! 



  • Primer
  • Base
  • Concealer
  • Eyeshadow
  • Eyebrows
  • Mascara/Eyeliner
  • Contour
  • Blush 
  • Lipstick

It seems like a lot but some are not necessary and products can be multi tasked however after you will look much more presentable to the world and now you have one less thing to worry about when trying to go about your day.

I hope this was helpful!!

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Whats in your Survival kit? 

Happy Holidays!!

    Thank You For Reading

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