Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Review- Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Range

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Today I’m going to give my personal thoughts and share my experience of using the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Range Spray & Lotion.

The spray version is the original version. I remember when I first discovered this a few years ago and I remember feeling like yes! My prayers have been answered!! I was instantly in love. However over the years I have made new discoveries and opinion of the product has grown.

The tan is geared towards your legs but personally I use this all over my body, wherever it is needed.

This range is an instant tan range. So on application it will be the colour it is going to stay. It does not develop over time. There are four colours in the range which are light glow, medium glow, tan glow and deep glow.

Ease of Application
I find both the spray and the lotion extremely easy to blend. It is quite thick in consistency (the lotion is slightly thicker than the spray) but super blendable. Also a really cool thing about this tan is that I have found is that, like make-up, it can be sheered down or built up. So you can decide how heavy/dark you want the tan to be. I use a tanning mitt to apply the tan. It will wash off your hands if you choose to apply with your hands only but I just can not be bothered with all that faffing about.

Time to dry
It can take a while to dry or it will transfer. This is the biggest issue I have with the range. Once dried it will take a bit of scrubbing to get off but it can take up to a half an hour to dry (well for me anyway) and I have been using these products for years. I have ruined outfits and had to choose new ones because I didn’t leave it try properly and the colour transferred onto the clothing.

Colour Payoff
I do love the colour. I use medium glow and like I said you can build it up and sheer it down so for day-time and work I use it with a light hand and for nights out I build it up for a dark tan.

Lasting Power
I know they have brought out a water proof version recently enough but it is fairly water resistant as it is. I find that you have to scrub in the shower in order to get all of the product off my skin.
*Tip* if you have a drink spilled on you while you are wearing the tan DO NOT RUB OR WIPE. Let it dry naturally or pat softly with a cloth and your tan will not be disturbed.

Spray OR Lotion???

Personally I would choose the lotion and heres why –

·         Application is less messy than with the spray (I have destroyed many a bathroom with the spray)
·         If you don’t use the tan for a while the spray version can tend to go green… you do not want to realise this just before application, before you are heading out… nightmare!
·         The lotion is more expensive but you get more product.
·         I find the lotion slightly more blendable and easier to work with to get your desired shade light-dark.

Rating out of 10
8/10 this is only because it does take a bit of time to dry otherwise it will transfer, other than that I love this product!

I think this is an excellent range and I really do think that Sally Hansen were ahead of their time when it comes to modern day tanning. They have created a range that gives us as consumers what we want. A tan that we don’t need to develop, that has really good coverage for veins and scars, that isn’t orange, water resistant but yet washed off in the shower. what more could you ask for? It really is make-up for your body. Honestly I don’t think there is ever a long period of time where I actually don’t have a bottle on hand. So if any of you are looking to try out a new tan you haven’t already tried this I’m recommending you give this a shot.

If you give it a go let me know what you think

Thank you for reading


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