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Beauty Blogmas #20 || Currently Loving

Hello Everyone, 

So as you will have noticed many days have been skipped & there are many reasons for this. I will not bore you with this now. Instead I will create  a proper post where I will be telling you about it. Anyway Its 5 DAYS TO CHRISTMAS! WTF?? 

Lets get back to Blogmas!! Here is day 20!! Enjoy!!


Pennys Lip Scrub

I mentioned this lip scrub in Blogmas #2 || Holiday Skin Saviours which you can check out by clicking here -> Full Post. I told you it was a recent purchase & I was enjoying it but I didn't like the thought of it having dead skin on it so I had to make sure it was clean everytime I finished using it. Although that fact still remains I really love this little product. It really does work and I love the way my lips feel after using it & applying a lip balm. I definitely recommend you give this little product a go if you are looking for a new lip scrub to try out!

W7 Lip Bomb

I got this Lip balm in a set of three which I have broken up so I have kept one & I will be adding the other two to the gifts of two of my friends. I love to do this with gifts as I think sometimes its nice to let everyone try the brand. Especially when a set consists of things like 3 lip balms. It takes a while to get through even one lip balm! I am very impressed with this one! I chose to keep the Raspberry flavour for myself & I am glad I picked them up. I am also now confident that they are a good addition to my friends gifts.

Garnier SkinActive Moisturise Bomb

This was a product that I had heard a lot about so when I was in need of a new moisturiser I decided to give it a whirl! This product was also mentioned in my post Blogmas #2 Holiday Skincare Saviours. Again that was a new enough product to me when I was writing the post. I have to say though from day one this product has impressed me! I love the consistency of it! Its like a thin gel formula that melts and feels like water when you apply it to the skin. My skin just loves this stuff especially now that the winter weather is upon us and has caused my skin to completely dry up!! I definitley recommend this!

Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Tissue Masks 

These are another genius little product from the same range from Garnier! Garnier are showing they got game at the moment. Throwing out little wonder products left, right and center! When your skin feels dried up from the weather this is the perfect product to give it the boost it needs to spring back to life!! I think everyone can agree that I look extremely attractive in this picture & that my boyfriend is a very lucky guy!! haha

Pennys / Primark, PS... PRO Miracle Primer - Prep & Perfect

Pennys / Primark have brought their range of PRO Makeup this year including two new primers (I have only seen two anyway) I included both of them in my Beauty Blogmas #1 || Festive / Winter Makeup Essentials -> Full Post. This one is the PS... PRO Miracle Primer. When I first picked this up & tried it, the first thing it reminded me of was the Benefit Porefessional Primer! I was so excited to see how it compares & The result? In my eyes its a dupe, from the texture of it applying it, to the colour, to the way it applies & the way my skin feels after! I also think the staying power & performance is just as good. To be honest I think I will be purchasing this rather than the porefessional as it is a fraction of the price. 


Collection Precision Contouring Stick - Light 1

I've only had this product for about 3 maybe 4 months now and I love it. Its the perfect consistency, blendable without being too creamy or cakey. I feel like it gives me the perfect shadow under my cheek bones with minimal effort. I'm not sure if this shade would work for you if you were much darker than me (MAC NW 20) but I have seen that they have darker shades in the range so hopefully there will be one to suit you should you decide to try it out!

Essence Extreme Lasting Eye Pencil - Easy Glide & Waterproof

This is also a newer purchase. I used to use the regular Essence Kohl pencil but when I needed a new one I decided to pick up this one. It looks new but it might not be. Over the years I have tried out many a kohl liner believe me! It was one of the first makeup items I started using back in the day. I have quite watery eyes, nothing super crazy but generally eyeliners will bleed on me and it is something that I have noticed, been conscious of & just generally accepted was always going to be the case but with this one I have noticed that it doesn't bleed. I have been so impressed with this liner! I highly recommend it!!

Essence Velvet Stick - Matt Lip Colour - 02 Peony Star 

I hauled this a few months & I have included it in Blogmas # Festive / Winter Beauty Essentials. This month I have really been loving this product all over again! In Fact I'm going to have to pick another one as I am nearly out!! That's a positive review for the product in itself! 

These are the products I have been loving this month! I may have another currently loving next month as it is the season for beauty after all!! Let me know in the comments below what have been your beauty picks of the month or you can leave me links to your post if you have done it in blog post form. I'd love to know & I am always on the look out for new products to try out!! #beautyaddict

Chat Soon x


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  1. I love the Garnier Tissue Moisture Bomb face masks so much! I was so close to buying the Moisture Bomb Night Cream yesterday but my mum told me to get a different one from Garnier - kind of regretting it now haha. Also, I didn't know Primark sold a lip scrub like that?!

    Courteney x

  2. Hey Courteney, Haha ah well theres always next time!! I do recommend you give it a go though! I love it!! Yeah the lip scrub was a surprise to me too, It was also a surprise how much I loved it! Let me know what you think if you do give them a go. I would love to hear how you got on!!