Sunday, 25 May 2014

Mini Haul and Some First Impression Thoughts!!

Hello Everyone,
The other day my local Pharmacy was having a sale and I could not resist on picking up a few items. Aside from the Sally Hansen Air Brush Tan Lotion I have never tried any of these products which means once I have given them a thorough testing I will be able to do reviews for you guys on how I felt about them and whether they worked for me or not – excited!!

So heres what I picked up –

Oh I also picked up the new loreal Nude Magique Blur Cream which is not pictured her in the collective photo. I suppose we can start with that…

Loreal Nude Magique Blur Cream

Im not sure how new it is but it is something have heard much talk about and it was my first time seeing it. I've used it twice now and to be honest I haven’t noticed a huge difference on my skin before and after but it does leave my skin feeling smooth for make-up application. But as I said I've only tried it twice and I don’t think that’s long enough to judge a product. I will say however that that it’s a very weird consistency and when u put it on your fingers or the back of your hand it really doesn't look appealing.. well not to me anyway. I was quite put off by it, but that could just be my way of thinking
… other then that I have no major complaints with the product. I will post an update (as with all the products I am mentioning today) when I have had more time to test them out.

Vasline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser

Again most of the products I picked up have the word new on the front but I cant be too sure on how new they really are. What appealed to me the most about this product is that on the front of the packaging it says.. moisturises in seconds, so you can put your clothes straight on… for me that it is the best thing that a company can write on their packaging. I am someone who hates the feeling of being sticky. Its kind of a catch 22 because I absolutely love skin care and skin care products but I hate the feeling of stickiness on your body after some lotions or creams. Therefore I am always on the hunt for products that smell good, moisturises the skin but dries in the quickest time possible. Not asking for much eh? Anyway I actually haven’t tested this out if they are able to deliver on what they claim but I am looking forward to finding out. Ohh and I just want to add it smells sooo good. They have 3 different scents total moisture, cocoa radiant and aloe fresh. I picked up the cocoa scent and I cant get enough!!

On to hair care
Hask Macadamia oil – Exotic Shine Treatment

I have already been using the Hask Keratin oil regularly and really been loving it. It was featured in my winter favourites. So when I saw the macadamia oil version I couldn’t resist. I still have the Hask Aragon oil which I have yet to try but these tiny tubes are so inexpensive and they last for AGES! Im still using the Keratin oil which is about six months on since I did my autumn favourites. I am nearly coming to the end but that is still a seriously long time and I tink it only cost me about 2 euro!!

Schwartzkopf got2b  Rise and Shine – Volume and Shine Hairspray

I think It was the packaging that drew me to this product. So shiny haha. I really did need a new hairspray though and I had a bit of a love hate with the elnett hairspray, still not sure how I feel about it so I thought I would try something new. This product says instant volume (love) stunning shine (love), hold4. Hopefully schwartzkopf will keep their end of the bargin and come through with their promises.

Wella Silvikrin Classic – Natural hold

I see this product as a .. does exactly what it says on the tin … kind of product. No airs or graces about it. It gets the job done. So I got it on sale just the mini bottle for days when I just want a bit of hold without it being too much. I will just add it has been years since I last used this product and I actually can’t remember if I liked it or not. It can’t have been that bad because surely I would remember. Oh well ill soon find out anyway.  Keep you posted.

Schwartzkopf got2b Oil-licious – weightless dry oil mist, with Aragon Oil

Again I was drawn in by the packaging and the words aragon oil, weightless and dry oil. I love the concept of this product. I usually put oil into my hair almost everyday of the week anyway this seems like a quicker, easier and more convenient way of getting the job done. I was also very tempted by their beach matt salt spray but I managed to restraint myself as I still have the Toni & Guy Casual sea salt spray which I do like. I may but it in the future and do a comparison though

Next Self-Tanning

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Lotion

This is my tried and tested old faithful. This absolutely never lets me down. It’s like make up for your skin. It really does cover imperfections and give a glow. It  is rare I would ever be out of this product for long.     

St Moriz – Instant Self-Tanning Mousse

The main reason I picked this up was because my Sally Hansen  is not a gradual tanner so It does wash off, so I needed one which would give a small bit of colour on application (I personally hate tanners that apply clear) and gradually develop to a stronger tan. I think to be honest it has been the price which has put me off this product (and it’s not often I say that about a cheap product) but I guess I had this preconception that if a tanner was cheap it must be bad) However I have been researching the product and have read some excellent reviews so now I’m excited to try it!

And last but certainly not least makeup
Now I didn’t go crazy I just picked up 2 lipsticks from Sleek Cosmetics

Sleek Cosmetics True Colour Lipstick – Stiletto and Liqueur  

This is a matt red. I am 100% a nude girl but if I do dare to wear red 9 times out of ten it will be a matt shade with a blue undertone (to make my teeth look their whitest of course!) I was drawn to this shade at the store. Not sure when I will wear it but I’m sure it won’t go unloved!

A beautiful pinky – nude that I could not pass up!! It’s a cream sheen which means it’s not drying and feels great on the lips. I know I’ll get plenty of use out of this product

That’s the end of the haul you guys. If I hope you enjoyed this post (if you made it all the way to the end haha… so long) anyway as I've said before I will be updating on how I get on with these products, the good, the bad and the never again (hopefully none of those) so keep an eye out and I will talk to you again soon

Have you purchased any amazing or truly terrible products lately??
Have you used any of the products I have mentioned?? What did you think??
Post a comment and let me know


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