Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Fairy Queen (Fantasy) Make-up

Hey hey,

So this is another look I put together for my portfolio. I put under the category Fantasy. My inspiration for this piece were all types of fairies. I wanted to create a fairy queen. This is how it turned out.

To create this look
I applied eye primer (Urban Decay, Original)

Next I applied a green eyeshadow (GOSH) all over the lids, blending up to the brow bone.  I also I then applied a yellow shade (Fuschia) on top. In the crease I applied a darker green shadow (GOSH). Again the trick is to blending, blending, blending. No harsh lines or sharp edges.

 I concealed under the eyes using yellow tint concealer (Fuschia)

I concealed any redness with green tint concealer (Fuschia)

I applied liquid foundation (Rimmel, Wake me up, Ivory)

Lightly powdered with translucent powder (Fuschia)

Next I strongly contoured (Fuschia)

I highlighted the cheekbones, the forehead, bridge of the nose and the cupids bow with highlighting powder (Fuschia)

I filled in and defined the eyebrows using eyebrow powder in a brown shade (Fuschia)

Next I took the same green shade I used on the eyelidsand applied it over the eyebrows and out towards the edges of the face and down under the eyes and onto the cheeks.

I lined the upper and lower waterline with black pencil eyeliner (Fuschia)

I lined the upper lashline with liquid eyeliner, flicking it out at the end (essence 24 liner, black)

I lined underneath the lower lashline with liquid liner (Avon, Turquise)

I applied false lashes to the upper lases

I applied gold stars and gems using glitzfix to the cheeks, forehead and temples (Fuschia)
I applied Nude lipstick (Rimmel, Kate 113)


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