Monday, 19 May 2014

1940s Great Gatsby Make-up look

Hey girlies,
So for this look I was really feeling the great Gatsby buzz. I really wanted to create a look that would represent that moment in time. It’s a very glamorous look and I think model had the perfect features to carry the look off.

To Create this look –
·         I applied eye primer (Urban Decay, Original)
·         Next I applied a black shadow, starting off lightly and slowly building it up until it was as dark as I wanted it. The trick is to blending, blending, blending. No harsh lines or sharp edges. Make sure the shadow is darkest on the lids getting lighter as it is blended up towards the brow. (Fuschia)
·         I also took this shadow underneath the eyes
·         I lined the upper and lower waterline with black pencil eyeliner (Fuschia)
·         I concealed under the eyes using yellow tint concealer (Fuschia)
·         I concealed any redness with green tint concealer (Fuschia)
·         I applied liquid foundation (Fuschia, Nude)
·         Lightly powdered with translucent powder (Fuschia)
·         Next I strongly contoured (Fuschia)
·         I highlighted the cheekbones, the forehead, bridge of the nose and the cupids bow with highlighting powder (Fuschia)
·         I filled in and defined the eyebrows using eyebrow powder in a brown shade (Fuschia)
·         I applied red lipstick (Fuschia)

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