Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Shop my Stash! Part #2 || What Im throwing away || Mini Reviews

Hello & Welcome back!

This is my second installment of Shop my Stash! In post I'm going to show some of the items that I will be throwing away just because of age and being unhygienic now. I have had them in my collection way too long now.

In Part #1 I talked all about my products that I was throwing away because I just considered them fail items, if you would like to check it out you can do so by clicking on the link here - Shop my Stash! Part #1 || fail items

So off we go again!!

Essence Silky Touch Blush, Bourjois Paris Face Powder, Collection Blush

Ill start with the Essence blush, Nice blush, soft creamy blendable and will be repurchasing. I haven't decided if I will repurchase this exact shade but I will definitely repurchase from this line.

This Bourjois Powder if I am correct was a face setting powder which also had coverage of its own. I never really used it as it was way too dark for me but I remember it being very soft and blendable unfortunately that is as much of a review as I can give it.    

The Collection Blush is one again I never really used. This blush has some simmer too it and seems to be quite pretty. I dont think I will be repurchasing however as I am no longer a shimmery blush kind of girl, but who knows what the future can hold. All of these were unfortunately bought a long time ago and forgotten about at the bottom of a drawer. They are all too old to test or try out now. I do wish I had used them a bit more though. It seems like such a waste of money to throw products that are almost full away!


Rimmel Stay Glossy Lipgloss

I honestly don't know if they even make these anymore or else they have been repackaged maybe. The new ones they have out now at the moment have the same name shades & they look similar but I have not tried them so I do not know if they are the same. I will have to double check and get back to you. Anyway I would definitely like to repurchase these! I loved them both.

Shades from left to right - My Eternity, Non- Stop Glamour

Seventeen Mirror Shine Lipstick - Camisole

I loved the concept of this lipstick with the mirror and I must have liked the shade when I picked it up as there were testers but by now I dont know whether it is because its so old or because my tastes have changed but I don't like it now. There was not much pigmentation, quite sheer..  I still like the idea of the mirror so I might check them out again the next time I hit boots but I wont be picking up this shade again.

Mascaras - W7 Lashtastic & Catrice Ultimate Lash Multimizer

Both of these are being tossed as they are past their prime. Neither of these I would consider fails but I will not be repurchasing them either. Neither were that amazing and there are so many out there to try. The formulas of both of these were particularly wet which I dont really like. The W7 Lashtastic in particular was an extremely wet formula. They both still did the job but nothing outstanding to report unfortunately.


Eyeshadow Bases - Essence I Heart Stage & Catrice Prime & Fine Eyeshadow Base 

These are two products I wish that I had used more!! Both are so old that I simply have to throw them out but they were both good. I am so lazy with eyeshadow primer. I just keep forgetting to use it!! I dont generally need it unless I am doing so seriously heavy duty work. I would repurchase both of these but maybe one at a time so they actually get used up this time.    


Thats it for part 2!! All the products that I am tossing because of age more than anything else!

Have you tried any of these?
Have you any recommendations of any new products for me to pick up??

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  1. I adore Essence eyeshadow base and it's something that I use for my everyday makeup and I'm about to repurchase! And thank you for reminding me of the Rimmel gloss, I really need to dig out mine to use again.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. I know I really didnt want to throw the eyeshadow bases away but I just had them for so long! Must make more of an effort to remember to use them!! The Rimmel lipglosses are definitely some of the best on the highstreet!! x

  2. I've not tried any of these products but they look great!

    Isabel Marcelo

    1. If you pick any of them up let me know your thoughts on them!! x

  3. I love the colours of the lipsticks and lip gloss! They are totally things that you could wear on a regular basis, it's a shame that you had to throw them away!
    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

    1. I know I was really annoyed with myself for not using them, but what you gona do I suppose. They are awesome lipglosses & Ill def pick them up again if I can get my hands on them! x