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Yes! Its FINALLY that time of year! Can I get a hallelujah!! Summer Time!! Its 18 degrees outside as I write this! (I know I know what am I doing inside writing this I should be outside. #1 I am a very dedicated blogger haha. #2 I will be going out very soon dont you worry)  So this means for the next few weeks I can write all summer related post & after dealing with writers block for the past week I now have loads coming up for you guys #excited #bringonthesummer #howgreatistwitter

My First post for this Summer Loving Series (As you can probably tell from the title) Is all about my favourite products that I think are staples when it comes to summer time beauty. These are not necessarily a specific brand but more like a product that is a must have but there may be many different companies that carry this sort of product!!  Enjoy and let me know in the comments if you have any others or any recommendations for me to try out!! 


I find as a general rule it is better to stay away from using a lot of powder products in the summer time. This is because it can tend to look quite "cakey" It can also tend to feel heavier on your skin. In the summer we want our skin to look dewy, bronzy, glowy like real skin and generally like a goddess. Unfortunately it is harder to achieve this with powder products. For Foundation I always tend to go back Rimmel Wake me up & Lorel True match. They feel light on the skin while also giving you good coverage. Plus they both have SPF! Awesome! This year though I plan on trying the Bourjois Healthy Mix range as I have heard so many good reviews!

Alternatively you could go down the route of BB or CC Creams. I like The Seventeen BB Blemish Balm or The Loreal Nude Magique BB Cream. 

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This goes for both your face and your eyes. Whether you have Oily or Dry skin , our skin still finds it hard to keep that makeup in place with all that heat and sweating so lets give it a hand! Primers are excellent for preping the skin for easy and smooth application and keeping all that hard work we did on our makeup locked in place.

When I first started blogging (If any of you have been with me that long then thank you) I never used to use a primer. I never saw the point now I hate my Makeup with out one! And still my all time favourite is the Maybelline Baby Skin Primer. You are probably sick death of hearing me talk about this but  I have tried others but nothing yet compares to this product for my skin. I love that silicony texture though & I Know that isnt for everyone. However there are some great ones out there both High Street & High End so do a bit of research and test them out!! I recently picked up 2 new primers and I will be showing them to you an up coming haul so you never know! I may find a new primer obsession!  

Eyeshadow Bases are also Super Important Because even our eyelids get oilier in the summer time.
This Means eyeshadow smudges and creases easier and the best way to combat this is yes again another primer. There are some great ones from Essence Cosmetics & Catrice Cosmetics & If your feeling flush the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion is a good one!   

My Review on the Maybelline Baby Skin Primer - Link     

High lighter

I do like a good Lighter. Here is where I tend to go for a powder product. I just prefer them in general and you don't use that much product so it is hard to look heavy. The highlighter I always go back to is the Fuschia Pearl Powder which is a loose highlighting powder. I have recently bought a new cream to powder highlighter from Essence Cosmetics though I am yet to try it out so I will have to keep you updated. 

Fake Tanning Products

If you are anything like me then getting a natural tan is not much of an option! All I get is burnt and sun damage. Now Im not hating on fair people ( I am one!) and fair skin can be beautiful but just like our makeup we like to change it up! My 2 go to products for this are the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs & The St Mortiz mousse Tanner. I just keep going back to these!!

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs is one of my holy grail products (& I dont take that term lightly!) I have used it for years & not only on my legs! its perfect for instant skin perfection! It dries quickly and lasts until you have a shower. In recent times They have improved the formula and now have a waterproof version. If you want to read a full review then just click here Link 

St Moritz Tanning Range is one I discovered last summer. I love this tan for when I have the time and energy to use a developing one! It has colour when applying so you can see where it has been applied. You dont have to worry about streaking as you wash off all the excess a few hours later or if your like me & like to apply your tan before bed then the next morning. Really lovely natual looking tan and the price is on point at under 10 euro a bottle. To read a full review just click here Link

This year though I want to try out more! Why not You only live once #YOLO

To watch my Youtube Video on my tanning routine click here Video
It is from last August but its what I still currently do!

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Time to Bronze

Again as normally im the fairest of maidens I like to use a bit of bronzer so I look more like california beach folk then Nocturnal Vampire folk. (Again just me personally) I like both cream and powder products for this. 

For cream I love the Seventeen Instant Glow Cream Bronzer. It is actually the only cream bronzer I have tried and loved it! I use it on its own for more natural days or with powder over for a stronger and set contour (It aint going anywhere!!) Im definately interested in trying out some more. If you have any recommendations then please leave them in the comments below!! To read a review click here Link

For Powder I love the Catrice Sun Glow Matt Bronzing Powder. I discovered this last year and honestly havent used anything else since. Love Love Love. I keep wanting to branch out like with other types of products but I keep thinking If it aint broke....  

Setting powder / Spray

I usually prefer Setting Sprays to Powders but that might be due to the fact that my skin is normal to dry and sometimes putting alot of powder on seems abit redundant and also may cling to any dry patches I have. 

My favourite setting spray is the All Nighter by Urban Decay. Sorry but I just havent found a high street / drugstore alternative that I can recommend you yet!!

For Setting Powders the one I like are the Catrice Prime & Fine Setting Powder. I believe it has been discontinued but there is a newer one that they have released so I must try it out! Alternatively I also like the Rimmel Stay Matt Pressed Powder.

Lip Products

The summer time is such a great excuse to wear bright lip colours (bright pinks, reds and corals) As Anyone who has been reading my blogs posts for a while will already know I am generally a Nudes girl. This doesnt completely change in the summer but I do find myself getting a little bit more experimental when it comes to colour. I am trying out new products at the moment and will dedicate and entire blog post to it soon!!    

Nail Varnishes

I love buying new Nail varnishes in the summer! All the new summer collections come out!! I love wearing bright, vibrant and fun colours!! This year the brand I am particularly loving is Barry M !  There will also be a post coming up soon dedicated solely to pretty nail varnishes!! 

Waterproof mascara

This something I am going to be putting to the test this year!! I understand it is a must for most people and last summer I loved the Catrice False Lash Effect Mascara, Waterproof . I think in the summer time It is better to opt for a waterproof mascara as there is less of a chance of it migrating from your eyelashes when sweating or when you may be hoping into a pool at some point. For me however I have never really given them much of a chance the Catrice one is the only waterproof formula that I have tried but this summer I will be putting more to the test all in the name of research!!   

These are all my top beauty products for the summer time!!  Again let me know in the comments if you have any recommendations for me!! I love trying out new products!!

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