Tuesday 11 July 2017

Beauty Haul!! (Makeup Revolution, Pennys/Primark, Blank Cosmetics, Wet & Wild)

Hey Beauties, 

Today I have another haul for you guys!! I did a little shopping in the past couple of weeks & this is a collective haul of new beauty products & tools. I picked these up in Pennys and random Pharmacies. *Side note - I love pharmacies in Ireland. You always find random stalls of different makeup brands which are primarily based in the UK or the States such as Physicians Formula, Freedom, The Balm & Makeup Revolution. They usually start in random pharmacies & then filter out to the wider market. Take NYX for example I could only find it in small random stalls & now the have priority in Boots. Anyway these are the kinds of places I found the makeup I am about to show you. I am so excited to start playing with it all and giving you guys reviews. 

Makeup Revolution, I Heart Makeup - Salted Caramel Palette - €12

I was so excited to see this stand. I remember seeing the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palettes everywhere for the past couple of years. I remember feeling, on the one hand so jealous as I wanted to play with it but also I know with amount of makeup I currently possess and the fact that I am trying to live more minimally, appreciating my possessions and achieving financial & travel goals for 2017 there was no way I could justify paying out that money for another palette. When I spotted these palettes on a stand for the first time I was so happy. I picked this baby up knowing it to be a dupe for the Too Faced Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar Palette for €12!! I know that although its a dupe it wont be exact however I also know the quality of these shadows is great and I cant wait to play with. I will definitely be giving you guys a review of this product as an independent product and not as a dupe. (also you maybe notice on one of the photos there is some animal print going on. That is not part of the design, its actually a reflection of the shirt I was wearing when taking the photo.... I think it kinda works though so I used the photo anyway! #bloggerproblems)


Makeup Revolution - Lip Lava Motlen Chocolate - €4.50

Any guesses to why I picked up this little product?? Yes most of you probably guessed right. This product has been duped for the Too faced Melted Lipstcks or the OCC Lip Tars, more products that I have always wanted to try. I got the shade Naked Chocolate. It was the one I was most drawn to in the shelf. I picked this baby up for €4.50!! If I fall for these products I will definitely be considering picking up their higher end counterpart.

Blank Canvas Cosmetics, Dome Buffer Brush - €14.99

For months now I have been so tempted by these brushes I have heard such great things about them but again as I genuinely have more brushes and tools in my collection than I can currently count I have always put it off..... until now. I caved! What can I say... I'm weak... sue me. #sonotsorry.

Pennys Lip Liner - €1.50

I love Pennys Lip liners & I couldnt resist picking another one at €1.50 a pop - #winning Here I picked up the shade - Desert Sand. Its a very 'Kylie Jenner' shade & I love it!

Pennys Mascara - €1.50

I am still on my never ending quest to find my perfect mascara so now that I'm in need of a new one I found this just hanging out on the shelf calling my name. The quality of Pennys make is getting stronger and stronger so you never know #fingerscrossed

Pennys Eyebrow Pencil - €1.50

For a long time now I have been using powder to fill in my brows & I find that it works really well for me. However I have been getting bored lately & decided to branch out and try new things. I decided to opt for pencil as it seems like it might be reliable and also maybe travel friendly #winwin I picked this up in the shade - Medium.

Wet & Wild - Colouricon Bronzer SPF 15 - Reserve Your Cabana - €4.95

I was in need of a new bronzer as unfortunately mine bit the bullet a couple of weeks ago when it fell on the floor and smashed. Luckly the lid was still closed so I have been able to use it but realistically it was time to invest again. If you have been with for a long time (Thank you) then you will know that for the longest time I have been using the Catrice - Sun Glow Matt Bronzing Powder (One of my holy grail products) However, even though I do love that product so much & will be purchasing it again I decided it was finally time to branch out so I decided to pick up this one. I spotted it a couple of months ago and it intrigued me but I couldn't justify buying it as I already had my other one at the time. This one looks so light but I'm going to give ago anyway and see how I get on. Stay tuned for updates!!  

So thats my little haul!! I am so happy with my purchases and cant wait to now start playing with them!! Stay tuned for updates or you can check out my SNAPCHAT - beautylalinda Here I post mini reviews & updates in real time. 

Have you tried any of these products? What were your thoughts on them? Any advice or recommendations for future purchases??

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