Tuesday 14 February 2017

Currently Loving Beauty ~ February 2017

Hey Friends,

Happy Valentines Day!!

So I thought that today, as it is "the day of love" that I would share with you all the things I am currently loving... Beauty wise. So here we go  - 

Also let me know in the comments what you have been loving at the moment or if you agree with any of my choices!!

PS... Kiss Proof, Matt Lipsticks

These have been a new obsession for me. I spotted them in pennys new display & I was like "hell ya" I picked up these 2 to try them out but I will definately be picked up more during the week & will have a full review coming for you guys!! The shades I picked up were Shadow & Slay. I have definately been getting alot more use out of Shadow but I love them both!! 

Bioderma Moisturising Stick

So have been having a real problem with my lips and hands lately. Dry, sore, cracked. I think its just a combo of being run down, the weather & not taking care of myself. I was wandering through a random pharmacy, with no intention of buying anything when I came across this. I'm sure its not new but I had never seen it before. I have been loving it. It just seems to soothe & repair my lips. Considering I am addicted to matt lipstick I need to get the pout back in good condition & this seems to be doing the job!!

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Hand Cream

Like I said my hands have been a problem as well dry cracked and sore. I orignally put sudocream on it & it really helped. It fixed the soreness & cracking but I needed something to follow up & I have been loving this hand cream. Its been keeping them baby soft. I love it!! 

PS... Stilletto Nails

I have been really drawn to this Stilletto Nail trend but I'm still not sure I want to completely commit to getting them permanent with gel or acrillic so I have decided to use the PS... falsies until I'm ready to comit. I love them! They last on my for about a week I can paint & design them. They do come in different colours but I like to get the nude ones and decide myself what colour I would like to wear that week. I think the glue that is included with them is fantastic!! If your looking for some temporary false nails I can't recommend these enough!! 

PS... Miracle Primer

I have already done a full review on these & I honestly can't recommend this product enough. If you would like to read the full review you can just click on it here - Full Review || PS... PRO Miracle Primer

These are all the products that have stood out to me recently & been making me happy!! Don't forget to leave me a comment down below & let me know the products that have been making you happy!! Also let me know your thoughts on any of the products I have mentioned!!

Hope you are having a wonderful Valentines Day!! 

Chat soon x

Thank You for Reading

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