Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Beauty Blogmas #4 || Winter Glow!

Hello Everyone!

Happy Blogmas Day #4! Today I want to talk all about winter tanning. So its cold and rainy and it doesn't even have to decency to show yet our towns and cities are a glow... so why can't be glowing too?? Today I'm going to tell you about the products I like to use to achieve that summer glow around the holiday season! ?

I like to use two different brands to achieve my perfect tan!! To achieve a long lasting tan I like to use the Coaca Brown 1 Hour Tan - Dark. I use to swear by the St Moriz Tan, However they have since changed the formula and something in doesn't seem to agree with my skin. I seem to get an allegeric reaction from it. I have since moved on to the Cocoa Brown & I have to say I love the results. 


This has colour immediately. It is a green/olive based tan which is my preferred colour. I love products like this that include a colour guard (how else are you supposed to know you haven't missed a spot! It gives you a light glow so you can wear it in public if you need to & it develops over the next few hours. It does say its a 1 hour tan, however the longer you leave it on to develop the dark it will get! I usually just treat it like any other developing tan & put it on before bed & wash it off in the morning. Sometimes if I want to be particularly dark I will apply it two days in a row and it works perfectly. 


Application is simple! Its blends easy (just dont forget to prep your skin before hand!) It also dries quickly and I have never had a problem with transference onto clothes or bedding. 


I don't find it has a strong smell at all, although to be fair I actually like the smell of fake tan so I wouldn't be complaining too much anyway!

My recommendation

If you are looking for a new tan to try out I would recommend this one, easy to use, quick developing time and won't break the budget!! I'm loving the range at the moment! I also have the blending brushes and the Tough Stuff Scrub! Which I find super effective! If you want a winter glow, look no further!

If I am looking for an instant day tan I stick to my tried and true Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs - Medium. I prefer the lotion version, Its like makeup for your body. I have been using this product for easily about 8 years now and I have yet to find anything better! #holygrail. You can read my full review on the range here - Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs - Full Review Its from two years ago but my opinion on the products have not changed. So if you are thinking about trying it out that might help your decision!

These are my product recommendations on achieving a winter glow!! Let me know in the comments what your favourite tanning products are and why!? I'm always on the look out for a good tan!! 

Chat soon x


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