Saturday 3 December 2016

Beauty Blogmas #3 || Pennys Winter Goodies Beauty Haul!!

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I have done a little retail therapy!! Of the Pennys / Primark variety of course!! Nothing better in my eyes! & I thought what better way to spend a Satuarday in December then to share it all with my friends here on #BeautyBlogmas on my little blog!!

Makeup Bag - E5.00

Ok so I have many makeup bags but there all a bit dirty now (I know I can throw them in the washing machine... well some of them.. But who has the time haha) I have been looking for the right one for a couple of weeks now but couldn't find it. I didn't want a normal one that was just a open bag as it drives me mad when everything gets dirty from brushes and things. Then I spotted this beauty! Exactly what I was looking for! One side for brushes & one side for anything else I want to take with me!! #Loveit

P.S Pro - Mattifying Primer - E5.00

Ok so originally I was planning on picking up the maybelline Baby Skin Primer as it is a personal favourite of mine. However when I tried this on the back of my hand it had the same kind of texture & my hand was left silky smooth after it so I thought 'why not?' and if it doesn't work out then Ill just pick up the Baby Skin in a couple of days. I know this isn't the time of year to be using a mattifying primer when I have normal to dry skin but I also know that this is the time of year for parties and events! This means I need my make up bullet proof on those occasions.... so let's give it a whirl shall we?? 

P.S Pro - Miracle Primer - E5.00

I also found this primer in the range. This Primer has a different feel & look to it. I haven't given it a try yet but I am honestly hoping that it is going to be a budget version of Benefit's Porefessional which I am already a fan of!! I also thought I could use this for everyday and keep the mattifying primer for occasional wear!! It looks and feels similar to the Porefessional but whether it performs in a similar way remains to be seen!!

Eyelash Curlers - E1.50

Okay, Okay I will admit these were a total impulse purchase! But how pretty!? I do have my pair from Fuschia Cosmetics that I got about 3 years ago now (oh god I hadn't actually realised that until right now!) So it was about time for a new one to be fair!  

Rose Gold Animal Print Hand Held Mirror - E1.50

Again HOW PRETTY!! It was not on the list but it was definitely coming home with me!! I have my other one which I got last christmas (pictured below) & Still use when im out and about even though its christmas themed but I think I will replace it for a while & bring it out again in the festive season!

P.S - Eyelashes - E1.50 (Each)

I picked two more packs of my favourite individual lashes! I wont talk too much about it as I've done a whole review post on them. If you missed it you can check it out here - Full Review

Wet & Wild - 1 Step Wonder Gel Nail Colour / Shade - Pale in Comparison

I spotted this line of Nail polish & Im not sure how long they have been out but I couldn't resist trying them! I'm really into pale nudes at the moment or really dark colours (theres no in between haha) So hence why I chose this colour. I recently saw a YouTube video with Tati (Glam Life Guru) where she said Pinky Swear was a dupe for Essie's Fiji & I was going to pick up that but I was drawn to this shade at the time. However if I like the formula I will definitely be picking up Pinky Swear as well as other shades!

Essence Waterproof Liquid Liner - (get price)  

Again this is a firm favourite of mine! It has been mentioned as a dupe for the stila liquid liner but as I have not personally tried that I can not confirm nor deny, all I know is that It is currently my favourite liquid liner at the moment and a product I always go back to. If you are in the market for a new liquid liner I definitely recommend you give this one a shot!

Catrice Matt Bronzing Powder

Again another favourite, I have used this for a while and my other one bit the bullet during the week, Its been on pan for a while & then I dropped it!! I really was planning on trying something new but again I wanted to stick what I know works for me. I will branch out soon though. This one is for medium skin but there is one for darker skin too that I saw (I assume there is one for light skin too but I didnt see it available) This is another product I recommend if you are looking for a new bronzer.

P.S. Brow Kit - E2.50

Now I have a review up of the P.S. Brow Kit but since that review they have changed it. Now it still contains the powder brow shade (which I love) but it no longer contains the lighter shade, which to be fair didn't work for me as a brow shade but (if you read my review you will already know) I did like to use it as a powder contour shade. Now the little trio contains a brown tinted wax, a powder brunette brow shade & a powder highlight shade. I haven't used this new version yet but I'm looking forward to giving it a go!! 


 Essence Long Lasting Lipstick - Shade 26 - E2.90

If you have been with me for a while now (Thank you!) Then you will know I have raved and raved about the Essence Long Lasting Lipstick range. #obsessed I found a new shade! Woop woop!! Love this shade and can't wait to get some good use out of it!! Perfect Shade for this time of year!! In the Swatches picture below the swatch of the lipstck is accompanied a the Penny's / Primark Lip liner. 

Penny's / Primark Lip Liner - E1.50

This is the first lip liner from the line that I have tried. The one thing I don't like about the product is that the shade name is not on the product itself! I think it may have been on the packaging but I wasn't vigilant enough. So after consulting the Google gods. I believe this is shade 06 Nude. I saw this shade and though it was very "MAC" like & since I purchased this I hear that it has indeed been duped for MAC's Whirl!! Shows I have a good eye I guess!! #Proud. I hope it performs the same way!! I will keep you updated! 

Thats it!! My Little Penny's / Primark Beauty Haul!! Have you done and Pennys beauty shopping lately!!?? Please let me know in the comments below!! I'd love to know what you've been picking up!! 

Chat soon x


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