Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Review || Loreal Paris Infallible Mattifying Base

Hello There, 

Hope everyone has been well!! As most of you will know if you have been reading my blog for a while (Thank You) that for the longest time my go-to Primer has always been the Maybelline Baby Skin Primer with nothing following that closely behind it in comparison... but that has changed...

A while back I went on a makeup binge in Boots (Drugstore) and I managed to pick myself up 2 primers, 2 foundations and 3 conceallers... I only needed one of each but offers, offers everywhere (as anyone who has ever walked into Boots will know this first hand) and I was weak... could...not...resist!! One of the primers I picked up was the Maybelline Infallible Mattifying Base. I had seen a few people haul it in videos but I had never checked out any reviews or first impressions and I thought why not!! 

I have been using it constantly and I really do love it!! I think I prefer the Baby Skin Slightly and Im not sure why. I cant put my finger on it but I do. This however is an awesome primer!! 

It has the siliconey texture that I love. It is also lighter in texture than the Baby Skin primer. A little bit really does go a long way with this product which means it lasts forever!! I find I need to use less of this one than I did the Baby Skin one! I find it works really well under my foundations!! It really is a good base to start your makeup application!!  

I would highly recommend anyone to try it. I have normal / dry skin and i found it a dream. However I will also have to test it out in winter when my skin gets a bit drier. As it is a mattifying base it may not work as well as it does when my skin is more normal than dry. 

Maybelline in my opinion you have done it again!

Thats my quick review of this product! 
Have you tried this primer!? 
What did you think?? 

Thank You For Reading

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