Monday 29 June 2015

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Hello my darlings!!

So today I was going to do my June Favourites and I realised alot of the products that I have been using this month have actually been rediscovered favourites and not new at all. I decided that instead of a monthly Favourites post I am actually going to do a rediscoveries post!!

Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo - Shade 35 - On & On Bronze

I forgot how good these guys were!! I was feeling extremely lazy but I had to put on some makeup a couple of weeks ago and I decided to throw this on and I have been wearing it almost everyday since!! I really want to get more shades!! I also have the shade 65 - Pink Gold which I also love but I don't seem to get as much wear out of it as On & On Bronze (Bad to the Bronze in the US) It is the perfect metallicy yet neutral bronzey colour which I just find so flattering on the eye. It rarely creases dries & demi-matt on me. No need for brushes. Perfect for either a lazy day where you don't want to use much energy and put much effort into your make up or it can also be used as a base for layering with other eyeshadows on days where you are feeling a little bit more adventurous.

Barry M Eyeliner - no 29

I used to love this eyeliner so much!! (As you will remember if you have been reading my blog for a while now) but in the last couple of months it seems to have fallen by the wayside. This month however I rediscovered it hanging out in my makeup drawer and have been wearing it most days with the Maybelline Colour Tattoo. I love them together I just think the copper and bronze look so summery!! Puts me in a happy sunshiney mood #summerloving

StMoritz Instant Self Tanning Mousse - Dark

With all this good weather we got going on lately its only natural that I decided to break out the old fake tan again!! And Although as I have mentioned in a previous post that I want to try out new tans this year I couldnt help but going back to my old favourite I cant help but love this tan! Especially the mousse variety! I have tried both the other varieties, the lotion and the spray but for some reason I just prefer the mousse even though I had a good experience with all of them. If you would like read a full review of the full range where I talk about them all in much more detail... all the pros and cons then just click here - St Moritz Tanning Range Review

Vaseline Spray & Go, Body Moisturiser

Again as I have started tanning I ended up going back to yet another product that I discovered last year. I love this moisturiser. As I have said previously I can be quite lazy when it comes to moisturisers but this one is quick and easy and perfect when your self tanning. I also love the smell!! For a full review of this product then just click here - Full Review

There you have it! A short little post on four items I have rediscovered and have been loving!! Do you have any rediscovered products that you would like to share!?

Have you tried any of these products??     
What did you think??

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