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So it is coming to the end of the summer, but the sun is shining and for many of you out there you have yet to take you summer holidays. My previous post focused on Top Summer Beauty Product Must Haves So if you haven't seen that already checked it out then you can just click here Link. For this post I am going to focus (as the title suggests) Non Makeup Beauty Essentials!!

Anti Frzz Spray

Im not sure if this is a world wide thing but in most countries when it gets hot you have to deal with humidity. Its a killer for hair. As soon as it gets humid my hair has a mind of its own, we are talking frizz central!! & that look aint cute!! to combat this I found a product last summer. Its the Mark Hill Anti-Humidity Spray. It was perfect for what I needed. It was also the first time I spotted a product of this kind. That might be because it was the first time I was actively looking for a product like this .... but still... I do recommend it for hot and humid weather. 

If you would like to see this product which was featured in my July Favourites Youtube Video last year. Then just click on the link. Blog post & Youtube Video

Heavy Duty Deodrant / Deodrant Wipes

Lets face it noone wants to smell like BO at anytime of the year but in the summer time deodrant is an absolute must! Also in one of my Youtube videos I did a collab with one of my besties and fellow beauty blogger Aoife AKA Wonderstruck Beauty we did "Whats in our Makeup Bag??" and she had Festival Deodrant Wipes from Essence. These are a fantastic Idea for when you are really stuck. I cant guarentee that they still have them (They may have been limited edition) but if you see anything of that nature then it maybe be handy to pick them up.... you never know when you might be grateful for them!! 

If you would like to see this product which was featured in my collab video Whats in our Makeup Bag then just click on the link Whats in our Makeup Bag ft Aoife (Wonderstruck Beauty)   

Razors/ Waxing

Time to get those legs out again which means for 99% of us women out there, it means shaving and waxing. I personally prefer waxing but honestly end up shaving most of the time as it easier. I just don't seem to find the time for booking appointments and all that jazz. However this year I am going to look into home waxing. I feel if I master the art of it then I will save a lot money and I can do at my own convenience Win Win!   

Lip balm w/ SPF

Most of us will use lip balm on nearly a daily basis anyway but we often forget that this time year especially it needs to have SPF in it! The skin on our lips is Super sensitive and therefore can get burnt easily. So whatever you do dont forget to protect that pout!!     

Facial Wipes

I know, I know Face wipes are bad for your skin and should not be used as part of you skincare routine... blah, blah, blah & Its all true but in the summer time this handy little invention can be a god send, For travel, holidays, festivals. Honestly these are so fricken handy when your i need of a quick clean up. Keep a pack handy and definately thank yourself!!      


Show of hands.. How many people are sick of hearing about Spf?? I know I know but It is SUPER IMPORTANT!! I mean lets face it nobody wants wrinkling, age spots, burnt skin, skin peeling... gross.... or worse still skin cancer!! It might be annoying but you will be so grateful in the long-term!! Its not even half as difficult to get a hold of or work with anymore! Most foundations and a lot of moisturisers even have it included... So thats half the battle!

Make up Setting Spray

After all that hard work, now we need to set it all in place!! I know a lot of people like to use powder but sometimes I find this to a bit counter productive and heavier in the summer time. Dont get me wrong there are loads of brilliant setting powders out there but in the summer time I prefer to use a spray. Lighter, Refreshing and just more appealing to me, feels like you have nothing on your face!!   The two I gravitate towards are the Urban Decay All-nighter and The Body Shop Face mist (smells like rose) There is about 10 euro in the difference but for heavy duty work like a night out I would prefer the Urban Decay one!

Body Scrub

In the Summer time especially, everybody wants their skin to look soft and radiant and in order for this to happen most us will need a good scrubbing... I am actually quite addicted to scrubs. I dont know what it is I just love how soft my skin feels afterwards... seriously give it ago. So many brands carry them in sooo many different scents. I have no doubt you will be able to find the one that is right for you!!



In the summer time I love a fresh scent. My all time winter or evening scent is Dior Hypnotic Poison but in the summer time I love that "clean" smell. You know the one I'm taking about. I have been using the Soap & Glory Body Spray alot this summer. Its the original scent & think it smells like "Just out of the shower, clean" This is also new for me as I generally never use body sprays, always preferring perfume but Soap & Glory won this summer.   

Blotting sheets

This is the one item that I have put in that I dont personally use. I have normal / Dry skin but my oily skinned girls / guys out there, this can be a MUST. you can pick these up anywhere. Pick up a couple of packs and leave them in stratigic places .ie. Handy bag, Car, Bedroom, Bathroom... Sorted!! I have also heard the ones in Essence and Catrice are very good so they wont break the bank either. What more could you ask for!?

Those are my Top Non Make up Beauty Essentials For Summer!!

What are Your Essentials?

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