Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Bronzed Summer Make-up look

Hello everyone,

So as I have been Loving the weather we’ve been having here in Ireland I thought it would be appropriate to show you all the look I have been going for to make my skin look all bronzed up and glowey.  I have also found that the copper on my eyes really make my blue eyes pop. 

To find out how I achieved this look just keep reading - 

  • I primed my face (Maybelline Baby Skin Primer)
  • I applied my foundation using my real techniques expert face brush (Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin, Nude) 
  • I applied my concealer in the shape of 2 Vs under the eyes and dotted it on my chin and forehead. I then blended this out into my base. I use this to cover dark circles and as a highlighter for the centre of my face. (Essence Stay All Day 16hr Concealer)
  • Next I applied Barry M eyeliner pencil 29 to the lashline and into the outer V of the eye. I blended this out with a MAC 217 blending brush and used this as my base eyeshadow. I then applied some bronzer in to the V to the give the look more dimension. (Catrice – Sun Glow Matt Bronzing Powder)
  • I use the darker shade in my eyebrow kit on my top lash line, winging it out slightly at the outer edges (Catrice – Eyebrow set). I then soft blended the edges with my 217 brush.
  • Next I apply translucent powder to the centre of my face, where I have already applied concealer. (Catrice- Prime & Fine Translucent Loose Powder)
  • I move on to contouring. I apply this under the cheekbones, on the temples and jawline and neck. (Catrice – Sun Glow Matt Bronzing Powder)
  • I tight line the upper and lower waterlines with black eyeliner pencil (Avon – Colourtrend – Black). I lined the lower lashline with that copper eyeliner pencil (Barry M - 29). I then took my bronzer again and blended it across the lower lasline.
  • Next I curled my lashes and apply my first mascara (Catrice – Lases to Kill, Ultra Black, Volume Mascara).
  • And on to the eyebrows. For this I use powder. I have used pencil in the past but I prefer powder now to define and fill them in (Catrice – Eyebrow set)
  • Next for my lips I applied Maybelline – Sultry Sand followed by Maybelline – Rosy Dream and topped it off with Barry M lipgloss 12
  • Next my first coat of mascara has set so I curl them again and go back in with my second mascara that I use (Catrice – Lashes to Kill – Fibre Lash mascara)
  • Next I applied seventeen WOW Tan Liquid Glow on the top of my cheekbones for and added glow
  • And finally I set my face using my Urban Decay – All Nighter finishing spray

For my hair I decided to put it in a cute side braid just to keep it out of my face in the hot weather

 Also the tan I'm wearing is the St Moritz self tanning lotion in the colour medium. I am currently trying out the range so I can do a full review for you guys. 

Thank you for reading

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