Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Beauty School Blogging - Creating Grazes for Tv / Film

Today I learned about creating grazes / superficial cuts. Look gross huh? Turned out well though

I used Abrasion Blood (fake) Dirt Powder, Scar plastic and mixed yellow and green cream colours from the make-up palate. All Products from Make-up international. 

Step 1 - Take fake abrasion blood on a soft / wiry sponge, blot off excess and swipe across where u want the cut to be.

Step 2 - do the same with the dirt powder

Add as much or as little as u like for whatever effect you are trying to create.

for a more gruesome effect add scar plastic on top wait for it to dry (Like 30 Seconds) and paint over it in a yellowy / green.

This is just how my one turned out but it was my first try and i know with a bit more practice i will get more and more realistic !!

What do you think??


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