Tuesday, 26 November 2013

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wooah its quite a long title....

I wanted to start blogging for a number of reasons...First it looked like fun,
An outlet to express all my ideas and opinions.. and also to share my experiences. Also i thought it would be cool to see if anyone else out there shared them too. Finally I started a Make-up artistry course so it seemed like a great place to chat about my time there.

In September I started a course in make-up artistry. I wanted to take my passion for beauty to the next level… Since beginning then I have learned so much about the world of make-up artistry and decided I wanted to share experience with you guys.  In this course not only do I learn about basic make-up and classic looks. I also learn how to create fashion make-up looks, theatrical looks and different scenes for film and tv ( cuts, brakes, bruises, bullet wounds), I also get to learn all about the skin and how to take care of different skin types.

The only problem is it seems to be passing by so quickly… it’s already the 26th of November and nearly Christmas (29 sleeps!!) so I thought creating this blog would be a great way of acknowledging and sharing my time there.

So guys I hope u enjoy reading !! 

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