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January - Pamper Month || Use before you lose!

Hello Ladies, 

So Ive have decided after a month of party season I want to focus this month on pampering and recovering that skin, hair and body! In this Post I'm going to focus on products and expiration dates.

As a Beauty blogger or indeed a product hoarder in general sometimes it is easy to leave some products fall by the way side. This could be because or the sheer volume that we own and there is just simply not enough time in the day or because we have put it in a certain drawer or storage container and have forgotten about its exsistance. Well for the foreseeable future I am making it my mission to go through all my products, throw out any that I may have had for too long and try to use up the rest as much as I can!

Another reason products tend to be left until they inevitably go out date is because they are expensive and they are almost too good to use... at least in our minds. Logically speaking this makes no sense. Why spend all that money on something you are not going to use? By doing this in itself is making the product a waste of money. Plus you skin is never going to receive the benefits and you are never going to see the results if it sits on your counter as a display but we all do it.

So I have put a ban on myself. Not a complete ban to where I can only use what I got before I buy a new variation of the same product no but I am going to limit myself. I'm putting ban on skincare especially. I'm going to use up products, see the results (If any) and get my moneys worth out of them! I am not buying another moisturiser until I need a new one.... and so on..... I am going to try the same with makeup and hair care.... but a girl can never have too many lipsticks can they?? because makeup (while I have more than enough and Im not going to run out of it anytime soon) is so varied I know there is no way I want to do a complete ban at the moment, Especially with new spring lines coming out. However I am going to be more conscious of my purchases instead of impulse buying as usual.    

I really think in the end I will really benefit from it. My skincare routine will benefit as I am making a conscious effort to use things up. I will be able to be more informed of what works for my skin and what doesnt. I will be able to give guys better and more indepth reviews on the products I have used and I will have lots more empties to show you! Win win!

To help us all find out just how long our products will last I have done a little research and here is what I have found!

Skin Care

Moisturiser                  - 1 year
Cleanser                       - 1 year
SunScreen                    - 1 year 
Serum - 6 months        - 2 years
Body Lotion                - Up to 2 years
Hand Cream                - Up to 2 years
Treatment products     - Up to 2 years 
Toner                          - Up to a year

*Remember the closer you get to the expiration date the less likely they are to work.

Make - Up

Water based foundation           - 6 months
Oil Based foundation               - 18 months
Concealer                                 - Up to 1 year
Liquid eyeliners & Mascara     - 3 months
Pencil eyeliners                        - 6-8 months
Powder eyeshadows                 - 2 years
Cream eyeshadows                  - 6 months
Lip liner                                   - Up to 3 years
Lipstick                                    - 1-2 years

Nail Varnish - Up to 1 year

Perfume - Up to 3 years

This is just a rough guide also with some products if they are maintained well they will last longer like pencils if they are sharpened between uses they will be more hygienic and last a little longer....

Also one final thing if your are still unsure a lot skincare products actually have a little guide on the back of the packaging that looks like this - 


So when in doubt just check the back of the bottle or jar (*Sorry the photo is a little out of focus)

I hope this was helpful I now have a lot of make and skincare products to go through!

Are you also on a no buy ban to use up products?

Thank You For Reading


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