Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Product of the week - Ardell Demi Wispies

Hello Ladies,

This is a product I have only discovered in the last month (with my bestie aoife aka and Im in LOVE LOVE LOVE. I think its the first time I have purchased the same lashes 3 times. I will point out that they are reusable but I tend to lose them.... *sadface*

The lashes look natural but add an extra something something.... a bit of flare... drama. The band is so thin and easy to hide. Another bonus of this little product is that when you have them on you dont even feel like you are wearing them. I hate when you put on lashes and they look great but you know you are wearing for the entire time. Then you have that horrible choice of taking them off as you know they will annoy you or just manning up and dealing with it because you know they look good... well ladies there is none of that with these lashes.

Beautiful, natural, confortable and adds drama to any look..... what more could you what!?

Definate thumbs up from this beauty blogger!!

Let me know what you think of you decide to give these a go!!

Have you already tried them!? What did you think!?    

Thank you for reading 

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