Saturday 28 January 2017

Review || PS... PRO Mattifying Primer

Hello Beauties, 

I have another primer review for you guys! Last friday I talked about the PS... PRO Miracle Primer. If missed it then you can check it out here - Full Review. The primer I am talking about today is the second one that they carry in their line. Although I did spot on Instagram that they have now brought out an illuminating primer too. This one, however their Mattifying primer. As I have normal to dry skin I wasn't that sure about how I would feel about it but I decided to give it a go anyway & at E5 a pop it wasn't exactly breaking the bank if it didn't work out for me. I could just pass it onto to a loved one with oilier skin. 

Here are my thoughts on the PS... PRO Mattifying Primer -

This product like the other primer also contains 30ml of product. It claims absorb excess oil, minimise visable pores & to be lightweight in texture. It says it is suitable for oily & normal / combination skin. As it is winter time & my skin is much drier it's probably not the most suitable for my skin but as the summer rolls in I will get more use out of it.

The product is white in colour & has a siliconey texture. It leaves my skin really smooth and I love the base it gives me for makeup! However as my skin is drier it does suck the moisture out of my skin. I find that after wearing it two/three days in a row my skin feels really dry and gets flaky, 

I will say though I felt like my makeup was bullet proof when I wore this as my base. I really think it would be perfect for summer time, when you are really busy or if you have a big event. I can't wear this on an everyday basis but if I have any weddings or important events coming up I will definitely be using this as my primer cos honey, my makeup will not be going anywhere!!

I can't say how this performs on oily/combo skin but judging by how much it drier my skin out I would say it is worth a try if you are have oil control problems 

Would I recommend this product?

To be honest although I'm glad I have it and would repurchase it if I had an event coming up and I was out of it I still think if you are a normal/dry skin type like me then you probably don't need this in your life as you won't be able to use this on a daily basis, at least not without alot of skincare prep before hand or you will completely dry out your skin. I will be using it again in the summer & I will give you an update on how I get on. However if you are an oiler skin type then this maybe for you I would recommend you check out some other bloggers with an oilier skin type if you want some advice first though. 

Have you tried this product!? What did you think? Do you have an oilier skin type? Did it work for you? Let me know in the comments below! I would love to hear from you!!

Chat soon x

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