Monday 29 February 2016

Makeup Products that I am Currently loving!! || Bonus Leap Day Post!

Hello Everyone!!

Today is Leap Day!! I thought as we get an extra day in the year why give you guys an extra post too!? I usually post Beauty Posts on Tuesday & Friday but to I thought I would give you an extra Leap Day Bonus Post!! 

I thought I would share with you all the products I have been loving at the moment! These are all very affordable & widely available products too! 

Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer (Shade 010 Ivory)

I love, love, love concealer!! I go through it so quickly too! Its an item always have to have in makeup bag, with out fail! I am blessed with skin that isn't too troublesome, however I love a good contour & highlight... the more Kim K the better as far as Im concerned without entering into that drag queen area. I picked this up as it was on offer & I just wanted to try something new & I have to say I love it! This is now my second tube of it. I get it in a lighter shade as I use it only for highlighting purposes but it s really smooth, pigmented & easy to blend. The tube has a little brush top, which to be honest doesn't have that much of a purpose as far as Im concerned. I mean sure, I know the thought behind was to probably make it easier to apply, without the aid of brushes but personally I would never put on a highlighting concealer without the help of my trusty brushes or blending sponge. However the product itself is fantastic & well worth a purchase!

Essence Mutli-Action Volume Mascara

You might remember a while back I mentioned I was on the hunt for a holy grail Mascara but with no luck. Then I picked up this guy & so far it is the best of the bunch for me. (I will admit I am quite lazy on my hunt though so there are so many more to try!) However I love this product. This is also my second tube of it. The formula is not too wet. It seems to lengthen & define for me while also giving me volume! The wand is plastic (which I actually prefer) & tapered, which I think helps to give you more definition. Love it!!


NYX Blush (Shade - Taupe)

Oh how long it took me to get my hands on this! For weeks upon weeks everytime I went to any NYX stand this was ALWAYS sold out!! Which of course just made me want it more because it was clearly good if it was this popular (Ah logic & reason.... you never let me down!) Finally however my day had come! & I have used it ever since. Thank god there is so much product in blushes as I dont know if id ever be able to get it again! I love this as a contour! Its the perfect ashy shade to create that shadow you are looking for & give you that Kardashian bone structure! I assure you this product will have you looking Armenian in no time!!

Natural Collection Eyeshadow - (Shade - Asteriod)

The reason I originally picked this up was actually after watching a video created by the YouTuber Amelia Liana. It was a dupes video where she compared these shadow shades to MAC. This one was a dupe for mulch & the shade Chocolate was a dupe for Cork. Anyway I love these shades & the shadows themselves are lovely. Only drawback would be a small be of fallout but other than that they are beautifully pigmented & easy to blend!

Natural Collection Blush - (Shade - Peach Melba)    

I just picked this up on a whim more than anything else. I was browsing in Boots & I came across this. I had been looking for a new blush but I wanted something that was a bearly there kind of blush. One that looked really natural, as if you werent wearing any at all. I thought what the hell... lets give it a go. Im glad I did! It was exactly what I was looking for. A very natural, bearly there kind of blush! It is still has good pigmentation, can be slightly powdery but one tap of your brush & its sorted!! 


Might seem like a weird product to add in but to be honest I owe them my lips this month. Due to illness my skin & lips got extremely dry! In the past, in my teen years I would always use Carmex religiously but as I got into my Beauty Blogging I began to try more things out and forgot all about Carmex. I was looking for something good & reliable so I picked this up & I am so glad I did!! It has literally saved my lips! It has definately been my hero product of the month!!


There you have it! These are the products that have been making me happy lately!

Have you tried any of these products!?
What were your thoughts on them?
Tell me your stand-out product for the past month or so!! I am always on the hunt for new products to try!!

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  1. Great picks! I'm not a massive fan of the rimmel concelear, I don't like the applicator and it wow me as such! But I do love the look of those natural collection products. So affordable too x

    Lauren |

    1. Yeah I totally agree with the packaging, I would much prefer if they changed that too! But I really did like the product itself. It did work well for me. I know I never hear anyone really talk about the Natural Collection but they have some really nice products in their range! You should definitely check them out! x

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