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Shop my Stash! Part #1 || What I am throwing away || Fail Products! ||

Hello there my beauties!

Recently I decided to do a little clear out with my make up.. seriously getting to hoarder status at this stage!! Also I was watching a programme which had a segment on how unhygienic it is keep old makeup (being a self confessed germaphob I felt compelled to look through my makeup and see if anything was at the end of its life span.. I found a few)

I already know the dangers of keeping old makeup and the lifespan of products as I have already done a post on the shelf life of products if you would like to check it out here - Use before you lose! but it doesnt hurt to be reminded every now and again!!

I decided what I would do would create a couple of posts for you guys. In the first one I am going to show you all the products I am going to throw away simply because they were fails! The next one will be because they were out of date, basically all gone and what I thought of them and the last post will be on all the things I vow to use more before they reach the end of their life.

Many of you might be like OMG! how can you not like this product.. but remember beauty products are work differently for different people so something I might love you might hate & vice versa but I am not here to bash products or brands just merely giving my humble opinion... Enjoy x

Here we go!

Wet & Wild Megalast Liquid Lipsticks

I give up! Im done! If you caught my YouTube video on my review of these then you will already know what I am talking about! You can check that out here if you want - YouTube Video Review  I can not seem to get them to work for the life of me!! I love Wet & Wild as  brand in general so please leave me any comments if you have any recommendations but these guys just dont work for me!

Collection 2000 Perfect Finish Foundation

First of all I think this foundation was fairly old. It still said Collection 2000 on the bottle but I dont think much older than a year.. I might be wrong #beautybloggerproblems. However whether it was old or not is irrelevant as it was still a fail product for me regardless. It just didnt work well with my skin made me look caked up and dry also oxidised like a mofo... Like Wet & Wild I love collection as brand and their concealer for me (as with a lot people) is a holy grail item but this foundation just didnt make the cut im afraid...   

Real Techniques Stippling Brush

Again another brand I love. I feel like im bashing some of my favourite brands but every brand has some products that are better than other and I am always going to keep my promise to you guys to always be honest. This brush just didnt work me. I could never use it properly because it is always losing hair leaving hair all over my face making it twice as hard to do my makeup. Its not because I was washing it wrong because this has been happening from the beginning! Maybe I just got a bad brush but at around 15 euro a pop im not willing to purchase another one to find out. Am I alone? Has this happened to you? Have I just gotten a bad brush?  

Catrice Allround Concealer

I originally picked this up as I was getting into colour correcting concealer. I have a palate from Fuschia Cosmetics which I love and when I spotted this it was one of the first of its kind that I had seen in the drugstore and I thought it might be a great cheaper alternative. I was wrong the colours are too harsh and pigmented and dont blend easily which defeat the purpose. Since then many other brands have brought them out so I will be trying them out when I run out of the fuschia ones (which will be soon). As you can see from the photo this was a tried but not very used as I couldnt get it to blend properly. Again this is from a much loved brand and again please leave suggestions if you have been able to get this product to work for you or recommendations for products like it!       

Collection Big Fake Curves False Lash Effect Mascara

Yes another from Collection for me Im afraid... This is a recent purchase for me.. about 2 weeks ago. I instantly knew it wasnt for me. The formula was sooooo dry It was like it had been opened for about a year already, which I knew was impossible as it had been taped up but thats the way it looked and felt for me. I also really dont like the wand its too big for me. Maybe this is a hit for some people but for me not so much. Mascara is so subjective and I have yet to find a holy grail to be honest. I loved the Catrice fibre lash one but I have a feeling it might have been discontinued as I cant find it anywhere. Even though I have yet to find one that will change my mascara life this wont be it! Have any of you tried it? Did I once again get unlucky with a bad tube? Is it always this dry!?


So thats it 5 fail products for you guys. 

Please leave me any comments with any products that have been failing or If you love these and I got a bad one or Im using wrong let me know! Also if you have any product recommendations then I would Love to hear them!!   

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Thank You For Reading 

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