Thursday, 10 September 2015

Newest Items in my Skin Care Routine (All Drugstore) || Beauty La Linda - MUA

Hello beauties,

A couple of months ago I decided I wanted to pick up some new skin care products. My skin was feeling dry and dull and generally not looking or feeling good. I went into Boots , I wasnt sure what I wanted and they were having a sale on the Boots Simply Sensitive range. I thought what the heck! Ill give It a go. I liked the idea that it was created for sensitive skin because I had been getting a lot of roscea and hyper pigmentation. Plus I wanted something with a few nourishing ingrediants rather than a lot of different things mixed into one product!! I wanted to go back to basics with my skin and start fresh. 

*I am not being sponsored in any way to talk about these products. I bought them with my own money and these are my opinions for your information and entertainment *   

I picked up The Hydrating Eye Cream , The Hydrating Moisturiser , The Night Moisturiser & The Deep Cleansing Face Mask. I have to say I got results immediately from using these products. I decided to just use these products on my skin and it completely cleared up my redness. I woke up the next morning after using the mask, eye cream and night cream and I couldn't believe it!! 

The Hydrating Eye Cream

The Hydrating Moisturiser

The Night Moisturiser

The Deep Cleansing Face Mask

All of the Products contain soothing Aloe Vera! They are ever so slightly scented by what I'm assuming is aloe vera but its so subtle you wouldn't even notice it. I had to basically stick my nose in it to get any scent off of it! They feel really hydrating and moisturising on the skin & my skin just drinks it up!! 

I think every now and then you skin just needs to go back to basics. we feed it with so many nutrients and ingredients (Im not saying this is a bad thing in the slightest!) but I think it can be a lot for our skin to process sometimes! 

I was shocked at how well the products performed given their inexpensive price!! 

I now continue to use them but I use them in conjunction with other products that I have & I have been very happy with the results!! I also have morning and evening skincare  routines coming up soon for you guys, so keep posted!! 

Have you tried this range? what are your thoughts on them?

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