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April (and the past couple of months) Favourites! || Beauty La Linda ~ MUA

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Its monthly favourites time again!! So this one although it is a monthly favourites Im including things that are not just specific to April. As you may have noticed if you have been following me for a while that is been a minute since I have posted one of these types of blog posts. That means there has been quite a few things that I have been loving that I have not been telling you guys about. This means it may be a little longer then my usual favourites but not that much longer *promise* So if you would like to find out what I have been loving this month than just keep reading.

So as I have explained in a post on my lifestyle blog I have been super busy this which means I havent been testing many out new products but I have been revisiting old favourites and here are my picks for April and the past couple of months in 2015. (If you have not read that post and would like to check it out then just click here - Where have I been?? )

Naked 3 Palate

This month I have found myself reaching for my Urban Decay Naked 3 Palate almost on a daily basis! I think it must be spring in the air!  I been loving using my powder bronzer to contour and then using trick in the center of the eyelid, Strange to highlight and Darkside to smoke out both upper and lower lash line ( I have been giving my cat flick a rest this month but no doubt it will be back in action very soon) For those of you have not yet read my post on the naked 3 dupe and are interested then then you can just take a look by clicking here Getting Duped! Naked 2 & 3


Catrice Primer

As you all may know by now my favourite primer is The Maybelline Baby Skin Primer and honestly it still is. If you would like to read my review on that product then just click here Review but I thought this deserved a mention as have been using this any day that I decided to wear make up this month. It is light green in colour which I have found fantastic in counteracting any redness that I have and it also provides a good base for any other products that are being layered on top. It has good staying power and definatley increases the longevity of your make up. The only thing I didnt really like about it is that the consistancy of it is like a cream and personally I prefer that silicone texture but other than that. Its a winner in my book!      

Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara

Lately I have been trying out these new Lash Princess Mascaras from Essence and I really like them. First I tried the Lash Princess Volume Mascara and I liked it but I much prefer The False Lash Effect one from the range. The mascara sports a tapering wand that has fibre bristles and I find that it makes my lashes look fuller and longer. Once again Essence has done it and made it into yet another monthly Favourites! (I apologise for the appearance the writing seems to have dissappeared already... #makeup problems)       

Seventeen Glow All Day Cream Bronzer

This product was more of a rediscovery. I bought it a few months back and has since been featured in a few post on my blog .... maybe even a previous favourites but I started using it again this month and wondered why I ever stoppped. I use it to cream contour before I use powder and then it aint going anywhere. Alternatively on days when I want to look more natural but have bit more something something then I just use it on its own. If you would like to read a full review just click here Review

Non - Beauty Favourites 

Modern Family & Cougar Town

This month I have been loving all things comedy and somewhat ashamed and proud at the same time to admit that I have powered through all the seasons of both of these shows in the past 5 weeks.... (ok mostly ashamed) I have to say I absoutely loved these shows. Anyone who hasnt seen modern family... where have you been?? and anyone who hasnt seen cougar town you really need to check it out. I think I may actually prefer Courtney Cox as Jules Cobb than Monica Geller (Shocking I know,
Thats a very bold statement to make and Friends will always be one of my favourites shows of all time but thats how much I loved her in cougar town, especially in later seasons of it)

New Look Watch

I picked up this watch around the end of february and I have been wearing it almost everyday since. I have a total watch fetish anyway but Im really loving this! Go New Look!

#GirlBoss - by Sophia Amoruso

I picked up this book when I spent the weekend in Galway and I have been hooked ever since. Review coming up soon!!

And that concludes favourites for another month! Ah the year is flying by already!

Leave me a comment and Let me know what you have been loving in march!

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