Thursday, 23 April 2015

Product of the week!! Essence Eye Shadow Blender Brush || Beauty La Linda - MUA

Hey hey, 

So I've managed to find another product of the week. This week I have choosen the new essence eye blender brush! (Seriously how many times has Essence featured in a post like this!) 

Anyhoo I pick this little tool on one of my many (too many) trips to pennys when I spotted it on the Essence stand. There are 2 reasons for this decision.... #1 it reminded me slightly of the MAC 217 blending brush.... and .... #2 it was €1.89.. yes I repeat €1.89!!! So I thought what the f***. If it doesn't work out then I haven't lost much (although side note... A wise if crazy girl did say to me during the week save your change because one day you might be stuck in pennys in dire need of socks and you will be glad haha)  

Anyway... yes got off track again... In one of those moods today haha. I brought it home and the next morning I gave it a try with when applying my eye makeup and I was really impressed.
It blends eyeshadow beautifully and the duo fibre means it picks up the product and it blends the edges with the shorter thicker bristles. It's perfect as a crease brush too.

Other people must have figured this out by now too as I went back and it's has been sold out every time and I have 2 pennys near me! I also checked one in Galway when I was there the weekend before last and it is sold out there too!! 

Yesterday however I got lucky and there was four left so I picked up 3 of them!! (The other one was out of the packaging ... eww)
So my advice is to give these a try! If you are jn need of a good blending brush but it's not in you budget for a MAC 217 (fav highend blender) or if your just looking for a bargin then I recommend these!!!

Have you tried these?? What did u think??

Would you recommend them?

Do you know of any other barging brushes that are worth a try?? 

Chat soon guys x

Thank You For Reading

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